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I found Malcolm Gladwell's "Small Change" article to be very interesting due to the fact that he doesn't fully jump onto the Twitter/Facebook activism train. Gladwell speaks about Sameer Bhatia, who found a bone marrow donor, through Facebook and Twitter. Though this case turned out to be a success, there are numerous cases on the both Facebook and Twitter where photos of people needing money for treatments and such, are fake. There was a post sometime ago where a photo of a bald female was posted with, "Every like helps pay for the victim's cancer treatment!" Though this photo had over 100K likes, the most liked comment on the post was something along the lines of, "I don't have cancer, stop posting my photo up on Facebook!" These Facebook pages were using her photo to falsely promote cancer and in turn, earn likes. It then becomes disgusting after you realize that this is how these pages make money also, by using false photos (maybe even real ones at times) to generate views, and then post unrelated advertisements later to their newly won followers.

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That's pretty interesting that those photos of people (supposedly) with cancer are used in that way - I haven't ever seen that before, and I'm pretty appalled that someone would lie about something like that. So much for human decency. The few photos like that I have seen with the ads in the comments (that always sound absolutely ridiculous and like complete scams) are always so crazy to me because, I mean, do people actually click on those links? Do people buy those products? Is that a legitimately viable way to make money? I'd hope not, but it looks like that may be the case.

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