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Can social media ever truly effect social change? Or is slacktivism too prevalent. I'm thinking of the Kony 2012 movement (which I know is complicated). How about the movement for everyone to change their profile pictures to red and pink versions of the Human Rights Campaign logo in support of same-sex marriage. Are these actions useful or not?


I think they can be useful! Something that comes to mind for me is that Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) thing that occurred a while back. There was such a large backlash to that bill that almost everyone I know changed their profile photos to something that said "Stop SOPA" and even Wikipedia participated in a blackout to show the effects that it would have created. If people really, truly feel passionate about something I think we can stand together and make change happen.

I agree with Tarynn and think that social media does truly have an effect over social change. As long as the people who are going to become completely engaged in the social change are fully aware of what they're doing, then it should be fine. I remember when the Kony issue first came out and I had a roommate who, as soon as I finished watching the video, had already went online and pledged to do something on that certain day. Kony 2012 is a great example on how influential social media can be, which is a good thing, and also how it can also be very deceiving.

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