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I also found this article to be surprising, even though I watch football I do not follow the draft process or really know what goes into it. Even though I can definitely see the dehumanizing effect this process has on the draftees, I think the idea of a homoerotic subtext seems a little extreme. This could also be that I simply do not take part in this process or watch/keep up with it. I agree that these draftees are seen as commodities in this way, and are in the position to be judged, though I also don't think I completely follow the idea that there is a sense of "white dominance operating strategically" in this whole process. The overall idea of this article is interesting and opens the door for an interesting discussion on the commodification aspect and how the draft process allows for bodies to be bought and made a spectacle out of (which I think it quite sad given the lifelong injuries that many players sustain after being a part of the organization).

DQ: How would this idea be different if the league was still dominated by white players? What would the author say in that case?


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DQ: Would our views on the NFL Draft and the way that the GMs and owners speak about the prospects change if the majority of owners was not white?

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I'm not so sure about the connection P. Oates is drawing between the NFL draft and desire of black bodies. Like I don't think he would be making this argument at all if the draft didn't visually remind him of slave auction blocks. I think a lot can be said about how black athletes are talked about in comparison to white athletes, and I agree that the desire of black bodies and such exists, but the homoerotic gaze in the NFL draft is just kind of how sports is and is probably less racialized than P. Oates is suggesting. The whole spectacle of the Olympics is basically two weeks of this erotic gaze and is not limited black males. I think it is interesting though, and this fits well with P. Oates argument, that the standardized football fan in advertisements is usually soft-bodied middle-aged white male.

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What are common ways of describing black football players and how does this compare to descriptions of white players? How does this relate to bell hooks' concepts of commodifying "The Other"?

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