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Sex and the city, one of the famous tv shows in the world. As an audience, I see there is a lot of feminism cultures are portrayed in this TV series. Women's power (especially the four protagonists) has been gained as white and middle-class men in social structure.
In one of my course reading, Rereading Sex and the city "exposing the hegemonic feminist narrative, indicated how hegemonic feminism is portrayed in media. According to the reading, hegemonic feminism could be described as white, middle class women unwilling to be treated like second-class citizens in various aspects, such as in education, boardroom, career, or even in bed. Women's identity is determined by their views of masculinity in sex and the city. Sex is the major component to ensure women's power. Having sex with different types of men (race is not matter) is one of theof a women showing their feminism to men; that's a conquest.
However, someone thought the sexism in Sex and The City has screwed the ideal feminism. Julie Leopold, the author of Sex and the City screws with feminism, claimed the Candace Bushnell's view (the author of Sex and The City) of women's identity is mainly determined by sex is inappropriate. The sexual contents of the story have ventured too far from feminism. Julie boldly indicated Sex and The City is porn and has impacted public's view of feminism badly. She said, "And its own version of feminism has trickled down through the psyches in women of all ages, extolling the values of cutting-edge fashion, female friendship and a good f*** every now and again." Indeed, Sex and The city impressed most female viewers because their gender is portrayed in a higher level social status (The four protagonists are lawyer, writer, PR firm owner, and art gallery dealer) with high income. They are intelligent and outstanding while the men surrounding them are trolls and buffoons, mommy's boys and neurotics. Julie also talked about hegemonic feminist here; white, well-educated women who are economically. However, Julie said Sex and The City has created an unrealistic image of modern women, and it also has created a bag image of feminist. Most of the four protagonist's' conversation are about men, there is something more important than that in the world. Sex and The City has portrayed feminist as a prostitute. Although they are successful women in the story, most of the things they do are related to sexual activity. There is an episode that they are talking about cheating on their partner. Julie brought a really good question for viewers; is using body to conquer men the best way to enact feminism? This is not a true/false question but it does give me a chance to think about what real feminism is.
Rebecca Brasfield and Julie Leopold both wrote an analysis paper about the feminism of Sex and The City. The one Rebecca wrote is a study of how racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, heterosexism, homosexuality are related to feminism in Sex and The City. Julie was more focusing on the audience's view of feminism while watching Sex and The City.

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