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Easily the most influential article for me was the one I presented. "Is Google Making Us Stupid" was so relevant to me because of my lifestyle leading upto this point. Both the article itself and Clay Shirke's response have points of interest for me. I have always loved reading and I love to read complex interesting books, so I felt Carr's argument. However, I also love electronics and the Internet and what Shirke say's about the relationship between reading and the Internet really resonates with me. I even included these two articles in my final paper because of my love for the whole Lord of the Rings fantasy world. I had liked the movies but I really began to love the books later. The Internet let me do a lot of things with literature I couldn't before such as Sporcle quizes to test my insane obsession with Harry Potter, online boards such as ASOIAF (A Song of Ice and Fire) based on the novels from George R.R. Martin, and sites like albinoblacksheep which first introduced me to the spoof, They are Taking the Hobbits to Isengard. Abundance is a good thing in my mind, it allows for even more of a world to be explored and created and the access to these worlds or even realitys are tangible with the Internet. Specifically referring to theory generation and FanFic, the point Carr makes about reading being less critical is a bit discredited considering the depths people use blogs to analysis etc. So yeah, I really did enjoy these articles and the thought it provoked in me.


I liked this discussion as well and almost wish it had been later in the semester so I would have been more comfortable talking about it in class. I hated reading/writing so much in high school. At a few points during my junior year I was even in danger of failing a quarter or two of English. But in the 10-11 years since then I have spent SO much time reading things online that I when I started college again a couple years ago writing and reading weren't so difficult anymore. Reading online isn't bad, or worse than traditional reading, it is just different.

I loved your post, I think you're totally right. I also wrote my final post on this article because reading it made me think about my own life and how I get information from technology. But I really liked what you said about Shirke's argument too, because I think that the media convergence online and elsewhere has really strengthened the experience of traditional books and gotten people involved or interested in things that they otherwise would not have been exposed to. I am also a huge Lord of the Rings fan that was drawn in by the movies (and later stuff online), which lead me to reading the books and being sucked in by them even further. That is a great example of how technology has strengthened our minds and thinking skills and brought us to new places. I just hope that this continues to be the case and that technology will still bring people back to quality sources in the future as things progress.

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