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The reading that had the biggest impact on me or stuck with me the most was definitely the Waetjen and Gibson article "Harry Potter and the Commodity Fetish: Activating Corporate Readings In the Journey from Text to Commercial Intertext" After reading this article I remember being really almost upset. I found what they were saying about class in a book meant for young people honestly pretty much ridiculous. It was reading way to much into a mythical world of wizardry. Saying that Harry only had all this success was because he had the money to get the best stuff, unlike his friend Ron who did not have much money and was not as good at magic as his pals did not make sense to me either. Harry lived under the freaking stairs in his relatives house where he was pretty much a servant! Harry was not better at magic than most because of what he had he was better at it because he had the skills to do it. They compare Harry to his cousin which is completely not right. Even in their different worlds they were nothing like each other. I do not think that JK Rowling intended to include as much of class definition in her books as the authors criticized the book about it. Her book took off and became crazy popular, good for her. I feel like the authors would not be criticizing the book the way they did if it didn't become so popular.


I totally agree with what you are saying, I remember the discussion over this article pretty vividly as most of our class seemed to not agree with the author. Although I agree that J.K. was not purposefully putting this inequality within her books I believe that it is undeniably there. Harry is very wealthy as we find out in the first book when he visits the bank and I also believe that this inequality is what makes the book more relatable and realistic. If everyone was equal and on the same stage it would lose the underdog aspect of Ron and Herminy and would not be similar to real life where inequality is everywhere.

I was actually the discussion leader for this article and I can't help but agree with you. Although there are some adult themes within the series, I don't believe they were meant to be there, but developed over time as the series matured. The aspect of commodity fetishism, however, I found the to have a pretty firm arguement. The popularity of the franchise has carried on due to production decisions and marketing. Though Harry Potter was extremely popular before the films came out, they would not have boomed they way they did, outside of the UK, without the help of warner bros. However, when I was reading some of the examples that the authors used, were from the movie, not the books, which made me think their argument to be less convincing.

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