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I know that this was a short article and we didn't really discuss it in class, but Lava's "What 'Orange is the New Black' Get Right About the Prison System" influenced me the most. Mostly because of the fact that my brother is in jail and will soon be going to prison for a long time. Something like this kind of takes over your life, so it is pretty hard for an article like this not to influence me ;).

I have learned a lot about how messed up the prison system can be, with my brother's situation being completely fucked up and it being almost out of our control completely as to what his fate will be. Orange Is the New Black was interesting to me in the fact that it does touch on aspects of the prison system that are not usually shown in media. With information from my brother in terms of his experiences and then watching the show and reading Lava's article, I found many cross-overs in each. Funny thing is, my brother was actually the one to tell us about the show Orange Is the New Black last summer, even while he was in jail. Don't ask me how he found out about it. They also watch Breaking Bad in there...weird, I know.

But getting back to the article, I enjoyed how it hit on the problems of the prison system today and how it is important for media to show that side of it. People are influenced by media and stereotypes are formed in their brain after watching media; it is important for media to show all sides of a story. I am sure glad they are on their way of doing that in regards to the prison system.

Great article.

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I agree with you in that this article really exposed a lot of flaws in the US prison system. I also know someone who is in jail and I have also learned about how unjust the environment and policies are. I've always been one to "never trust the system" so I've always been skeptical of who the good/bad guys are. But I'm glad that this article discussed the flaws of the prison system so that others can become aware as well.

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