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Honestly, there were many readings that had a lot of impact on me. I really learned a lot and many of these readings challenged me to see the media/world through a different lens. Off the top of my head I think of bell hook's "Eating the Other" and the article about Tokenism and Oprah. I had always been aware of the issues that both of these articles addressed but I never understood it on a grand scale. One article that really introduced a whole new way of understanding to me was "Rereading Sex and the City".

This reading was especially eye-opening to me because I had always considered myself a fan of the series. After reading the article, I was left asking myself, "Holy crap. Have I been supporting a hegemonic feminist idea this whole time?". Of course I hadn't but that is because I was lacking media literacy when watching the show. I loved the show because I enjoyed watching Carrie be successful. I loved seeing the outfits the main characters wore. I loved seeing them go through relationships and deal with "boy trouble" as many women do. In a lot of ways, I had always found some sense of relatability between myself and the main characters even though we really were so different in terms of socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds.

So when the article exposed all the shitty ways the show treated people of color, I was really shocked--with myself. Sure, I had noticed that there weren't many characters of color and sure I had noticed that it was weird that people of color only showed up when the main characters needed something. But I think I let it all fly over my head at times. It wasn't until I read this article that I was truly able to understand the implications these portrayals put forth. I wasn't able to understand the power structures in the show until I read the examples from the article.

"Rereading Sex and the City" was the more influential reading for me because it made me really reflect on myself and my choices. I still love Carrie. I still love her personality and her crazy need for Monolo Blahniks. I still love the friendship between the four main characters because their personalities remind me of my own group of best friends. But my love for the show itself is bittersweet now. Had I read this article while the series was still running, I can't honestly say I would have continued watching it. But now that it's all been said and done, the best thing I can do is take what I've learned and apply it to new forms of media I encounter.

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I also talked about "Rereading Sex and the City" in my final blog post. I agree with when you said you noticed there was a lack of ethnicity diversity within Sex and The City, but didn't really know what the connections or implications it severed to media's representations of certain groups.

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