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One reading that still sticks out to me from the very beginning of the semester is "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" by Nicholas Carr. I thought that that article was a great especially for us as media scholars to be aware of the possible effects that it can have on us personally and society. I think a big part of the reason why it stuck with me so much is that I had not really thought about the effect that Google and the internet was making on me. When we discussed it (and the article in response to Carr by Clay Shirky) I realized how much I really had changed in this respect in the past few years. I used to be constantly reading books and I genuinely enjoyed learning and was fairly good at understanding new things. I was able to sit for large amounts of time (like in the car or something) in silence and thinking to myself and processing things in my head. Nowadays, however, I barely ever have a good chunk of silence in my life without the presence of technology. It really has changed the way I relate to crowds, receive my entertainment, and learn new information. This is not necessarily a bad change in and of itself, but I can see some negative effects it has had on me since I've been thinking about it this semester. It really is harder for me to concentrate for long periods of time on a single thing. My mind keeps wanting to jump back and forth, needing visuals to stay focused. This is exactly what Carr talks about in the article, and when he discusses the greater impact it could have on our society in a negative way I can't disagree with him. However, I think awareness is a big step. There have been times this semester where I was not able to concentrate on something or be still, and instead of just going along with it and switching to something else, I intentionally made myself stick to that task until it was done. It sounds silly, but in doing this I have realized that it really is still possible to do these things, it might just take a little more effort and will power at first. As long as we uphold the value of deeper thought and understanding, and practice it even a little, I'm not too concerned about Google ruining our lives; at least for right now haha.


I'm glad that you chose this article for your final blog post. Right, this article was from very beginning of this semester. I almost forget that this article. Thanks you for your reminder. Google is an essential of communication studies or media studies. It has influenced a lot of industries around the world. Whenever we need to do a research,Google always is a best choice for us. People are so rely on Google. Is Google Making us stupid? It is a tough question to answer. For me, I agree Google make us more rely on skimming reading. When I look at something on Google I always skim through the entire article, I mainly just read the highlighting point because I assume that should be the most important part I need to know. We are very easy to get information through Google. If there were two article about a same thing, most people would rather to choose the shorter one to read. Someone claimed Google make us lazy. I barely agree with that but getting information faster is one of the advantages of Google, then we would have more time to spend on other subjects.
In conclusion, most people know the effect that Google make on them. However, Google has become a part of our life. There is no way for people to get rid of it.

I almost forgot about this article also! I'm glad that you brought it up. I really feel the same way you do. I use to be able to sit for longer periods of time and take the time to understand stuff, but now a days if I do not understand it I will jump right on Google, It's there and it's efficient. I do not think that Google is making us stupid but it definitely is playing a big role in our lives and in a way changing the world. I also can't disagree with him when he talks about the large scale impact that Google could have on our lives. I agree with you, people really should be aware of how dependent we are becoming on Google and actually the internet as a whole. I am also not worried about Google taking over our lives but am more worried about how dependent people are becoming on it.

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