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My favorite readings were between Buffy and the New Girl order and Rereading Sex and the City. I think I most enjoyed the Buffy article because it is the article I used for my discussion leading. I enjoyed it because I felt that I got a thorough understanding of the main points and we got to watch a large clip of Buffy which was interesting to see in relation to the article. I also enjoyed the Sex and the City article because I thought it was an easy and relatable example to use when discussing hegemonic feminism. Although the topic is more serious I think it is important to be able to realize when certain types of media are excluding and even oppressing other races, genders, or sexual differences. Being media literate in this sense has given me the ability to recognize some of these examples in everyday media consumption. Even last night watching a football game I couldn't help but relate aspects of the latest course pack reading (which was either great or sad or both) but nonetheless I feel that I have gotten a lot out of many of these readings and have been able to carry these concepts through the semester and apply them to everyday life.

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I really liked the reading on Buffy as well because it used one example to portray a woman that believes she is post-feminist (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in relation to the creator's make of the show- it seemed that he knew (if I remember correctly) that she was an example of the modern girl that thinks she is post-feminist but ultimately she is still being sexually discriminated against. I thought seeing the extended clip of Buffy in class really emphasized what the author was trying to get across to the audience. After reading that essay and then watching Buffy, I was shocked at how ridiculous she was as a character because she was always belittling herself as well as being belittled by others because of being a female and the way she acted.

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