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Well to start off, I really enjoyed the class. Everything about it was fun and engaging. My favorite or influential article was Douglas' article of Enlighten sexism. For the most part it really distinguished the difference between third wave feminism and 'postfeminism.' It helped me understand that 'postfeminism' is not a form of feminism, because of her calling it enlighten sexism. The entire idea behind her article was eye-opening. Originally, I had a preconcieved notion of what feminists were and I was proven wrong by this article. I'm extremely happy that I was able to get a chance to understand the principals behind feminism. The article has also allowed me to recognize the way women are portrayed in the Media and know that there is still a lot that needs to be done for the stereotypes of women.

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I totally agree with what you said. Douglas' article helped me understand the difference between the two as well. Ever since reading this article, I can't help but see post-feminism (enlightened sexism) everywhere on tv. I wrote about post-feminism for the unit 2 paper and it was hard to choose which example I wanted to use because there are so many.

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