December 11, 2013

On possessions and living

What is man worth if he has lost all his earthly goods?

He is freed from his nature to curate those goods, but what has he, heat, water, food? Are these essentials available to him?

A gaggle of men line up, none of which have anything, except a hunger, a thirst, if theirs is a willingness to exchange effort to satisfy innate needs, their beings will progress.

The obligation to live is supplied by a beating heart, that rhythm that insists breath and embrace.

A feature of worth is in the exchange one can earn for these life sustaining essentials, self worth as motivation to share utility.

Without the essentials we may loose a health necessary to proceed.

Earthly goods include clothing, rare is the location that does not require protective linings for heat or cooling.

Assumes then, earthly goods are the tertiary and non fundamental.

What is the worth of a man who has no earthly goods beyond the fundamental?

His goal might be monastic, to study the dynamics and anthropologists of man, to find pattern, to smooth their own breath.

A man without the burden of managing the non fundamental goods may have greater worth if there is an intent to assist another.

A man without goods may be limited in his ability to contribute to others who need.

A man with many goods may be limited in his ability to contribute to others who need through selfishness and fear.

No man is an island, we are community, unless you are the rare self sufficient hermit who is fortunate to have a healthy functioning body.

Eventually the old girl shows her teeth, wobbles in her walk, loosing appetite, burbles a last breath and leaves, this is the cycle.

What worth is there in a man who has no earthly goods?

His worth is great as is his capacities if his acumen is to live.