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February 28, 2006

Canadian Geese

Two cars down, brushes and drop-outs, prompting welcome dialogue, for the eighty mile one way trip.

Early this morning, before a significant melt was realized, were noticed, a congregation of geese. The flock clustered, near a beet pond in north Moorhead, a spot returned to annually; several hundred, but today, the last of February, prompting my surprise.

Four days earlier we saw extreme temperatures, severe, these birds, selecting to live in that environment seems unlikely, this must of been their first day back. A welcome sign of spring to come.

Navigating the springtime requires presence, sensitivity, and tenacity.

February 24, 2006

Heavy Snow

Mounds of snow falling, large flakes, blowing through the leave-less trees, at times, nearly horizontally. Snow piles, then melts, but when? For us, in the Hinterland, the ground has been swallowed by snow since October. However, our many birds remain as cheery customers.