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May 30, 2006

Lemon Birds

The sun-green trees have filled nicely, my Mhd neighbors are active, I am now several grass cuttings into the summer, annoying bugs have yet to evidence themselves, and the temperature soared on Memorial Day making for a hot and cleansing baking.

I enjoy the new sky from the deck throughout the day, the 150 year tree removed to provide for the levee retrofit. The low branch cleanings also have enhanced the property. Her exit was fascinating, leaving me much to burn for next season.

Woody showed up two weeks ago early, I, under-dressed, grabbed my varmint pistol and jotted outside, he stayed from its cross hairs. He has not been seen again. His lower berth has not been utilized this season.

The Evinrude started perfectly yesterday for a trip up to Convent Bridge and back, the river was at 18.5' or so, with a moderately high current. That, along with, Andrew's weight as compared to Gail's, may of prompted running out of gas, but some paddling was nice.

Hendrum has wickedly high grass now and I without a good method to transport the Snapper. I hope to sort that out soon. It may be that she was bought.

The bambies are clean and glow tan-brown, as opposed to the dark winter coat. Stella was excited by two tonight.

The turkeys remain, as do the Hairy's, a few lemon birds (as doodle refers to them) visits regularly.

The sun sets so wonderfully late in the Hinterland.