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August 27, 2006

Downy Woodpeckers

Although near-distant storms and tornadoes helped a recent trend of greening grass, the season for growing is near its end. Instead, each blade works to store energy for next year, and I expect only one more cutting. The bees continue their mania for nectar, as does a hummingbird near the finch tubes that have been increasing in popularity. The squirrels remain busy as this is the year that the aggressive seeding burr oaks attempt to increase their numbers. I expect it will not be long before the raccoons claw their way up the corner burr, and begin their several week vacuum of the roof-laden acorns. Two years ago I toyed with keeping them away, but this year, we might instead enjoy the visits. Besides, they entertain Stella and Ruthie into the night. I hung another peanut tube and enjoy more frequent visits from the hairy and downy woodpeckers.Downy Woodpecker by Larry McQueen