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February 28, 2013

Shooting Star

Casino.JPGSeas of desperation, despair, sagging decay
Closer doorward some being entertained, smiles
Retina flash flash flash
Winners are silent
Killed 56 VC said the wheel chaired elder patriot
Smoke is thick on the reservation
George Thorogood playing earlier,
now even more Northern bound, and at night,
contributing to experimental evidence
to justify the truth.

February 8, 2013

Two Moons of Saturn

Discovered rediscovery, with metropolitan flare, slender beauty erect and alert,
recognition even curiosity served by intermittent occultations,
we seem to agree.

Does that door work?
The piled snow crunching under his feet while trotting across the span o'er the Red in search of music,
his therapy.

Dione Rhea Occultation