November 23, 2014

Site Migrated

The UMN is no longer supporting the Movable Type system.

This site has moved to as a Wordpress blog.

David DeMuth, Jr.

September 29, 2014

Garage Speak

Wake up, laughter, cussing, what happened?
She is just pissed at me - why are you tripping out on me, I asked?

Hanging friends started at the Bismarck, then snuck off to the Empire...

Nice, be nice, hug be hugged, imagined sun and warmth.

South they went on to Dempsey's...

Gad they are making out, right in front of us - fuck!?
Fuck it - I am getting a smoke, Raz just fucking does not believe me...

Says Zak

February 28, 2013

Shooting Star

Casino.JPGSeas of desperation, despair, sagging decay
Closer doorward some being entertained, smiles
Retina flash flash flash
Winners are silent
Killed 56 VC said the wheel chaired elder patriot
Smoke is thick on the reservation
George Thorogood playing earlier,
now even more Northern bound, and at night,
contributing to experimental evidence
to justify the truth.

September 22, 2012

Time to Die

Death as an industry, optimized to be self sustaining, innovation squelched to ensure profit, not life, too often shift workers lacking monastic attitudes of service to anyone but themselves.

Whose life matters but your own, and with age, that glint in the eye, that sparkle fades, eventually we give in to the invading army of bacteria, feeding on their host, as caterpillar eat all the forest, selfishly.

But in my seventy two years, I did this... I did that..., earned a few bonus years, came to appreciate my parents sacrifices for my life, but eventually its "time to die," and my control of that day, that hour, that minute is limited---

One day we will time out before we die for man will invent anti-death, extend life for a time, and for a cost, feeding the industry of death.

January 11, 2012

A tendency to believe

Complicated by the obtuse most elect to trust their instincts
Those same human behaviors that catalyze fear and insanities

To imagine a time when action at a distance was deemed sorcery
Invisible forces are now understood, yet we refuse to indulge reality

Mother Earth could care less about the human species
She could easily shake us fleas from her back in one vigorous episode

As a host approaches it's exponential limits, as a cancer spreads without remission, our obesities will consume us beyond repair

Ruled by greed that ridicules the impoverished, that hoards resources beyond any one person could eliminate, or could their designee, or corporate partners, or tribe of confidants, that feeds insecurities into righteous power

My concept of fair share is not the percentage rules we impose as an averaging technique used well before globalizations influence, instead a more rationale use base that can be documented, calculated, and modeled in any techno centric data driven society

Centralized power results in self effacing decisions that run its course, as the Mayans before, as the dinosaur lost access to the food needed to survive, we die.

Mother Earth could care less about us, we perish, this rock will remain.

The end is near | whatever

August 8, 2011

On Human Nature and Spirituality

A condition of being human is to be subject to the limits of the body. The realization of the infinite expanse of the physical presents then a condition of inferiority, a nothingness. Cast then a extra-human state called spirituality, where we align with that infinity who is by definition inclusive. In the focused attempts to be extra-human we manage a dialog that allows endorphins to flow in our brain machine giving the impression of rightness, or comfort in some, challenge in others. Like the design when standing on a high cliff, my being flutters when approaching the danger of falling, an attempt to maintain life, our brain machine triggers a rightness of spirituality, where that inclusive All becomes infinitely lovable, or at least when our pilgrimages for truth allow.

April 16, 2011

Water Runs North

Challenged by flood-related road closures, a recent drive forced me onto gravel farm roads some seven miles from the main stem of the Red River. It was clear that water had accumulated in their drain ditches but had moved through the system. Evident was a suitable depth held for a time with the dark top soil smoothed and flattened into a ceramic like surface. Fields were mostly clear of any standing water as were the ditches, at least those distanced to any tributaries.

Why flash the Red, the Sheyenne, the Maple? Why not hold the water?
Why gouge the table-top landscape with man-made ditches but not use these as storage capacity?

The quick drainage of the 5000 square miles of agricultural land is suspect, as are the addition of non-porous surfaces associated with urban sprawl, and the levees we build to hold back the relentless Red.

What of the prairie potholes that were drained, and not replaced, taking that many more sponges out of the equation of absorption, retention, and slow peculation?

Has the systemically warmer temperatures realized over the past decades been included by the modellers?

What are the real costs of denying that Mother Earth can get along just fine without us?

A design for a timed release of water will allow for us to coexist with nature.

January 3, 2011

Snow Melt

The mechanism of fear transfers reason into irrational action which catalyze uncertainty, reversing progress, a goal of the fear mongers who enjoy attention to their theories.

December 27, 2010

Water, Fire, and Air

Sunlight, music, dogs, warm feet, patience, and wind, the essentials, as is being grateful.

June 18, 2010

Venus over Walker

A disintegrating force caramelized one building and adjoining lot, stochastic and abrupt, shaking the dust off, announcing "too close for comfort" while one breaths no more, explosive energy, I explain to 2010-06-17 19.02.26.jpg
another about 1974, snap a few pics, board, wave, travel, stop, with a need for peanut m&ms, lost serendipity is when you interact by rare chance, or that intuition prompts, but take no action, eventually arriving in Walker, where the winds blow, country music pounds festively, nearby a waxing moon is accompanied by a planet Venus.

March 20, 2010


Four cottonwoods grew sided to each, tall in stature, sloped banks, over a bear cage now submerged, the resident three draw essence from a river Red which pushes wide, readying for a morning crest, and anticipating the formation of ice castles at their feet as a slow descent begins. Under open and cold skies Sister Four is no more. axe-sisters.jpg

January 21, 2010

Water Flows

Decisions which influence river dwellers are located at the intersection of urban and rural living, are made in thoughtful realistic and practical ways where no others are asked to compromise their beliefs of safety and longevity, costs internalized, and the impact of their contributions to the sustainability of the region realized as significant.

June 15, 2008

Migrated Away

On April 3, 1974 a severe tornado struck Brandenburg, I was approaching 13 years old at the time and growing up in nearby Louisville, KY.

When I arrived in Brandenburg with a small group of volunteers I was struck by the systematic approach to provide aid and supply to those who suffered damage, loss of home, life. The National Guard had erected tents which were filled with clothes and other essentials. They secured areas from looting, managed road and regional access, and assisted wherever graciously. I still remember eating the rather tasty hamburgers, potato salad and beans in the temporary mess hall they erected.

These citizen soldiers were a clear icon of relief for the devastated community, responding quickly to natural catastrophes, and with pride and patience, as they were asked to leave jobs and family on little notice, despite the professional soldier was in 1974 converging on their tours of duty in Vietnam.

800px-NavySeal1967Vietnam.jpg Wikpedia Source

At 13, it was the closest I'd of gotten to a soldier in action and was stimulated to believe in the cause of the country, and the good will of humankind. It is that insistence to help your failing neighbor that forms a glue that propels us socially.

We've seen tornadoes skip through the Red River Valley recently, prompting my recollection of the April 1974 low pressure maelstrom that reached widely that year [NOAA]. Anyone whose been close or in a tornado knows the gut wrenching self-awareness and concern that festers just before it strikes.

As with the recent Hugo, MN tornado, and that in Northwood, ND, a large reception of volunteers were quickly realized to aid in the catastrophes, in fact, many were encouraged to register when those who had not were denied their heart-felt intent to assist.

However, the RRV is a flood-prone area, and many of us know first hand of the powerful nature of the raging Red. We've seen friends, college students, neighbors regularly come together to assist neighbors they'd never known previously, sometimes laughing while they work on bag lines, and battling together because of that shared social glue. And the Guard was available to help, thank you! but as Cedar Falls, IA was inundated with water, I am struck that their direct role is not realized, as to suggest absent?

This writing then is to ask, where is the citizen solider today, as much of our nation is consumed this spring by severe weather, and I seek any input to suggest otherwise that our National Guard is not as available to help directly with the local wars caused by mother nature?