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Opening day was great. Evening speaker made the point that kids learn on their own if left alone with right tools eg a computer linked to net. A radical idea popularized 40 years ago in British school called Summerhill. I wonder if this is true for all learners or only a few. Speaker did experiments in India and other parts of world suggesting that SES does not matter. I'd like to see more rigorous research on the issue. Still this idea could overturn foundations of education...something we badly need. Stay tuned, this is a conference very different from any other I have attended.

Big Ideas Fest

I am attending the 3 day Big Ideas Fest sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) in Half Moon Bay, CA. The workshop draws together K-16 education, technology and entrepreneurs interested in education, and others for a rare interactive workshop aimed at producing solutions to vexing problems confronting education and learning at all levels.

During the conference I will use this forum to share some of the experiences and insights from participating and listening. Begins this Sunday, December 5th 2010. Tune in and tweet up.

This is a test.

Trying to see if this works. DD

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