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I'm alive

I really should be more vigilant when it comes to keeping this thing updated. I should have some more substantial stuff to put here in a couple weeks, at least. I hope the school lets you keep your blog after you graduate -- I think they do. Anyway, I'm graduating in a couple weeks, assuming I don't fail any important classes.

I might be a little late on the bandwagon on this, but Fullmetal Alchemist is fantastic. Though I ordinarily don't like anime that much, FMA transcends the style for me: excellent plotting, characterization, and a fully-realized world (well, at least more fully-realized than most fictional settings in western television), not too much of the typical anime misogynism, and a competent dub -- the kid who plays Alphonse Elrich is particularly good. Highly recommended.

I've been busy playing stolen games on a newly-attained flash cart for my DS, as well as watching movies on it during my commute to school. Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center are both pretty good and very original games that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something different. I've also been working on some DS homebrew software, which is quite a lot of fun.

I just installed Win XP: Media Center Edition on the shared computer. It comes with a program called "Windows Dancer", which displays an animated person on the desktop which dances when you play music. Why has this not been mercilessly mocked on all the tech sites across all of the Internets? Why am I just finding out about this now? Whiskey tango foxtrot, Internet? I can only assume that there's been some sort of massive coverup campaign of threats and intimidation on Microsoft's part to keep this thing under wraps.