October 24, 2008

What's November 4th again?

September 20, 2008

Victory of a sort on a Saturday

I was finally able to my eldest cat howling He was at the doorway to the empty room (we just had our floors refinished in the living and dining rooms) and howling. He seemed to be enjoying the acoustics of the echoing room.

I was able to make a digi recording of him on an old palm (pre-connectivity) I've got.

August 29, 2008

Friday Random 10

1, Would Be Killer - Gnarls Barkley (random coolness - just saw their show at the fair on Wednesday)
2. At Least that's what you said - Wilco
3. Mu-Tron - Ladytron
4, What the F..k - PJ Harvey
5. Clampdown - The Clash
6. The Giant of Illinois - The Handsome Family (Sweet - this comes up the morning after Obama's acceptance speech)
7. Between the Wars - Billy Bragg (who will be playing here shortly)
8. Snake - PJ Harvey
9. You Said Something - PJ Harvey (yeah, I have a lot of her music on the pod)
10. 21st Century - Imperial Teen (for those of you who remember Faith No More - Imperial Teen is Roddy's current band)

August 27, 2008

oddly tired

I'm just back from Atlanta - which would be an absolutely fantastic city if not for the highways. I've been assured by non-yankees that it was a beautiful place before it was burned-but I'm behind the idea that the highways did as much damage to the identity of the city as any other part of its history.

I liked it well enough and the people were friendly. The archives are in a lovely facility and the archivist I worked with a a specialist on Georgia history in the colonial period. He was amazingly helpful and the work went very well.

I did discover an incredibly lovely restaurant on my side of the city. It's called the Feed Store. The chef is French trained, from Michigan, and working a Southern-Americana/French

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