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August 29, 2008

Friday Random 10

1, Would Be Killer - Gnarls Barkley (random coolness - just saw their show at the fair on Wednesday)
2. At Least that's what you said - Wilco
3. Mu-Tron - Ladytron
4, What the F..k - PJ Harvey
5. Clampdown - The Clash
6. The Giant of Illinois - The Handsome Family (Sweet - this comes up the morning after Obama's acceptance speech)
7. Between the Wars - Billy Bragg (who will be playing here shortly)
8. Snake - PJ Harvey
9. You Said Something - PJ Harvey (yeah, I have a lot of her music on the pod)
10. 21st Century - Imperial Teen (for those of you who remember Faith No More - Imperial Teen is Roddy's current band)

August 27, 2008

oddly tired

I'm just back from Atlanta - which would be an absolutely fantastic city if not for the highways. I've been assured by non-yankees that it was a beautiful place before it was burned-but I'm behind the idea that the highways did as much damage to the identity of the city as any other part of its history.

I liked it well enough and the people were friendly. The archives are in a lovely facility and the archivist I worked with a a specialist on Georgia history in the colonial period. He was amazingly helpful and the work went very well.

I did discover an incredibly lovely restaurant on my side of the city. It's called the Feed Store. The chef is French trained, from Michigan, and working a Southern-Americana/French

I'm much more exhausted than I ought to be right now and I'm not sure why, could be the culmination of the onset of fall. I've noticed that the angle of light has changed. I feel like it happened while I was in Atlanta as well. But there you go.