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Chris Ochs (MLA 2005) Appointed to St Paul Planning Commission

MLA alumni Christopher Ochs, a project manager at Windsor Companies, has been appointed to the St Paul Planning Commission.

The seminar titled New Curricula for Sustainability Studies: Making Places That Maintain Abundance and Alleviate Scarcity, examines essential meanings of ‘abundance’ and ‘scarcity’ in three dimensions: biophysical environment, society, and the individual.

Held at the Institute for Advanced Study, the seminar serves as a curriculum design workshop for faculty who are participating in such innovation by developing pedagogical (and andragogical) materials for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education.

Rebecca Krinke at Rosalux Gallery, Friday February 4 2011

Solo show by Rebecca Krinke opens Friday February 4
Reception from 6pm to 10pm, with free food and drink
Exhibition runs through Feb. 26

Performance at 8pm on Opening Night by three Twin Cities theatre artists, including our MLA student Anna Lawrence, alumna Amy Krautbauer, and Paige Collette. Free and open to all.

Roslaux Gallery is at 1224 NE 2nd Street
Thursdays and Fridays from 4-8pm, Saturdays 2-6pm.
Rosalux Gallery

This project continues with some of the themes from Unseen/Seen: The Mapping of Joy and Pain—specifically memory, participation, the visiting of different locations, and the sharing of experiences and stories—that relate to the many definitions of “visitation.”

For up to the minute information, see http://visitation.posterous.com/

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