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Design at Noon on November 16th Features Alums

Come to November 16th's Design at Noon, a brown-bag lunch presentation by alums Tyler Grissman and Tom Kerby from design and installation firm Phillips Garden.
Rapson 109 at 12:15pm.

UMN MLA in the News

See coverage of the Students for Design Activism's work with Gordon Parks High School at the Daily Planet. Visit the website of our Students for Design Activism here.

Our Students are Amazing

There are many reasons to choose the UMN MLA program, but the number one reason is our amazing students. They arrive with a wealth of experience from undergraduate studies and careers in fields like environmental science, studio art, literature, architecture, and urban studies—and a belief that landscape architecture can change the world for the better. Our studios are collegial places where each person helps the other out—the artist helps the engineer sketch, the engineer helps the literature major calculate stormwater runoff, the literature major helps the artist and engineer craft research proposals. In their final year, as each student develops their capstone project, we get to see how they bring their values, aspirations, and design skills to bear on projects that address significant environmental and social issues. Each becomes a master of a different aspect of design—and can use their capstone project as a launching-point into practice. Download this booklet to see some of our amazing students' amazing work.

Interested in Urban Design and Asset-Based Development?

Graduate Students Kristen Murray and Kevin Clarke are co-hosting a design charette around community development, pop-up storefronts, transit planning, and economic
development in a vacant storefront on St Paul's University Avenue.

"University Avenue is the city's primary commercial corridor, and construction of the Central Corridor light rail transit line is taking a heavy toll. The vacancy rate in storefronts on University Avenue is around 25 percent—what will happen to surrounding neighborhoods if that rate gets worse? Does the process of building a light rail line destabilize communities to an extent that hamstrings the benefits once the line is completed? What can be done to mitigate that?

We are developing a project that tries to address these issues, and you're invited to participate. This project, currently named Starling, takes an asset-based view on commercial vacancies and the construction schedule for the Central Corridor. We are creating a positively-branded project that addresses landlords' concerns about making their spaces available to short-term tenants at below-market rents.

Our goal is to define and promote a supply of vacant storefronts on University Avenue for short-term tenants of all kinds—entrepreneurs, artists, start-ups, community groups, etc. These storefronts will be readily identifiable from the street by some uniform design element(s), and custom storefront displays will tell the story of what's happening inside."

See their website for all the details.

Interested in Sustainable Design and Landscape Architecture?

See the work of faculty member Lance Neckar and graduate student Derek Shilling on the Zero+ Campus Design Project. "Zero+ describes buildings and places that generate excessive energy over the course of a year. This is related to the principals of regenerative design, which stipulate the need for buildings to produce excess resources (i.e. energy, water, clean air, et cetera) to truly create a sustainable society."

Interested in Urban Design, Urban Agriculture, and Equity?

Students for Design Activism, through the U of M Dept. of Landscape Architecture, has partnered with Gordon Parks High School and community stakeholders to turn 2.5 acres of vacant lots along University Avenue into a community greenspace and urban agriculture program. This dynamic park stands to benefit over 800 low-income, new immigrant residents, the largest population of at-risk high school students and over 32,000 residents in the direct vicinity.

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