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Nature 3.X

Lecture by Cleveland Fellow Matthew Tucker
Monday April 9
100 Rapson Hall at 6:00pm

NATURE 3.x is an exploration of emerging patterns and processes. It considers the broad and evolving definition of "nature" and how emerging paradigms of what nature is effect both the policies and built form of urban areas. In particular, the lecture will discuss specific trends in the "nature" of contemporary, designed urban open spaces as well as derelict, abandoned, and contaminated sites.

Julie Bargmann, D.I.R.T. Studio, April 18 at 6pm in 100 Rapson Hall

Julie Bargmann
Founding principal, D.I.R.T. studio
Associate Professor, University of Virginia

The Good, the Bad + the Dirt y
H. W. S. Cleveland Fund Lecture

Despite sustainable efforts to green (which, by the way, is not a verb), our urban landscapes are complex mosaics of gray, brown, and, too often, toxic orange. D.I.R.T. believes these colorful, ugly ducklings are the design fodder for the future.

Lecture by Andrea Ponsi on March 31st at 6pm in Rapson 100

Andrea Ponsi is an Adjunct professor in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design Florence Program at Kent State University. The lecture is titled “Cityscapes: Drawing Analogies.”

Wednesday, March 31, 6pm, 100 Rapson Hall

Joachim Eberle Lecture Cancelled Due to Illness

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from sustainable community design and development expert Joachim Eble, founder and director of Joachim Eble-Architektur in Tübingen, Germany. Eble is considered the"grandfather of green building" in Germany.

The Eble lecture has been cancelled due to illness.

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