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Rare snowstorm surprises Arizona residents

This article at cnn.com deals with the 11/2 inches of snow that fell on downtown Phoenix and the surrounding area over the last few days. The snow has caused a great deal of damage and inconvenience including stopping traffic and leaving over 17,000 households without power. The article deals with the impact of the snow and how everyone was caught by surprise. In accounting the effects of the snow the article deals with several different consequences. It is accurate and to the point. In comparing the same event to msnbc.com, both articles are very similar. They both deal with the snowfall's damage to property and people. They have encompassed the same information regarding snowfall and how many people are still without power. Also, both articles are noticeably with clich├ęs and jargon. There is a lot to report in each and both articles succinctly do this with being mucked down in confusing or unnecessary phrases.

This event was examed at both msnbc.com and cnn.com