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Blast Reported Near U.S. Base in Japan

This event was covered in both the AP and Reuters news services. It concerns an explosion near a U.S. military base that police believe was an attempted attack. Police searched the area near the U.S. Army's Camp Zama base southwest of Tokyo and found two pipes about 300 meters from the base. Both articles deal with the incident in very different ways. The perceptions from the AP article imply that this was a deliberate attack on the base. It focuses greatly on the base itself, strategic importance, and the history of attacks on military bases. The Reuters article does not specifically indicate that this was an attack on the base. Since the explosion occurred 300 meters from the base, it is not clear whether this was a deliberate attack or not. This shows bias between the two articles. While one article implies that this was an attack, the other merely states it was an explosion. The AP article, while containing the same basic fact as the Reuters, implies an attack that is unproven. It shows both opinion and favoritism. Both articles were filed on February 12th, so the same information was available to both writers at the time each wrote their articles. Also, both articles choose to paraphrase most of the information, instead of direct quotes. While both articles are briefs, the information is congruent throughout both of the pieces.

Reuters Article: