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Chaska man found frozen to the pavement dies

A man was found early Saturday partly frozen to the pavement on the sidewalk of a road in Chaska. He died Sunday, the day he turned 19 years old. Sean Patrick Humphrey was found by a snowplow driver and was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where he had been listed in critical condition. These two stories both have a somber tone dealing with the death of this boy, but the AP article chooses to quote the father if the victim directly to provide color to their piece.

"All we know is that he was at a party and he was coming home, we believe, because he was just within a few blocks of here and due to some head contusions on his head that he slipped and fell and hit his head on the curb," said Robert Humphrey, Sean Humphrey's father.

The Star Tribune chooses not to quote the father and rather paraphrase a Sgt. Of the police department. This has to do with the type of story the StarTribune is writing. They, being a local paper, focus more on the loss of life and less on the unusal circumstances.

Sean Patrick Humphrey, a Chaska resident who appeared to have fallen as he was walking and hit his head on a curb, was spotted early Saturday by a city snowplow driver along Geske Road at Millpond Court, according to Sgt. Mike Duzan.

Both of these are follow-up stories that were written on Monday. They both have the inverted pyramid style and both are very contained pieces. The main focus of the Star Tribune article is on the emotional strain on the man’s family while the AP story is more on the circumstances that lead to the boy’s death. Also, the Star Tribune article, notably the local paper, included a number to contact the police with information on the death. The AP article does not include this information, they simply say that anyone with information should call the Chaska police.