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Florida Teen Kidnapping Suspect May Try to Flee to Mexico

Both articles involve the kidnapping of a child in Florida, but both articles focus much more on the accused kidnapper and police then they do with the child who was kidnapped. This is reflected in the leads of each article.
"A Florida sheriff expressed optimism Sunday that authorities would arrest the suspect in the kidnapping of a 13-year-old Florida boy by the end of the day." This was the lead of the CNN article that was published February 25th.
"Florida police think a man suspected of kidnapping a 13-year-old boy at gunpoint in an apparent ransom attempt may be trying to flee to Mexico." Was the lead of the Fox News article. The discrepancies between the two leads is great, considering that the Fox News article was published a full day after the CNN article.

"We've just got the arrest warrant, we've got the evidence, but we want him," Wells said. "I think we do have a sporting chance to bring him back to Manatee County and have him stand trial for this crime."

Fox News:
"We have been able to positively conclude that this was an out-and-out kidnapping and that the person wanted money in exchange for Clay Moore," said Manatee County Sheriff Charlie Wells said Sunday morning

There is an interesting discrepancy between the two articles. The CNN article has an uplifting bias that the cops are in total control while the Fox News article is more reserved. Both articles go into great deal about the kidnapping and the ramifications it is creating. Both articles choose to use the inverted pyramid style of news writing. Both articles have a large picture of the accused kidnapper prominently placed near the headline of the article. Also, there appears to be bias, especially in the CNN article, expressing a great faith in the police. While this is by no means a negative bias, it is clear that the article is in favor of the police and there abilities to capture the kidnapper.