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Mauer gets $33M, four-year extension

This story, covered by the AP and Star Tribune, deals with the contract extension of Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins. The Star Tribune focuses on the contract arbitration of Mauer while the AP deals much more with the contract itself and Mauer's history. Both sources quote Mauer about his excitement and relief over the new deal.

AP Quote:
"I'm real excited to be in Minnesota for the next four years and that I'll be playing at home with my family and friends being there," Mauer said. "I'm excited to be there for the opening of the new stadium."

Star Tribune:
"It's definitely a relief," Mauer said. "This year was a little bit different going through the arbitration stuff. I'm just happy to get it done. Now I can go play some golf with J.D."

The quotes do a good job illustrating the point of view and perspective of both pieces. While the approach of both stories is different, the AP focusing on Mauer himself and the Star Tribune focusing on the new contract, the basic information in each article is the same. The Star Tribune writer, noticeably for a local paper, believed that most people in Minnesota were already familiar with Mauer and chose to focus on the contract as apposed to his numbers. The AP story was written with the assumption that people reading it were less familiar with Mauer. The contract, 4 years for 33 million, is the same in both articles. While this is a sports story, there is no discernable bias in either piece. The AP story is an example of a news brief while the Star Tribune story is much more extensive and full of details.