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Amber alert issued for lost N.C. Boy Scout

Authorities issued an Amber Alert for a 12-year-old Boy Scout Michael Auberry on Monday as rescuers tightened their search within the 5,900-acre swath of North Carolina wilderness where they've spent two days looking for the scout. Michael Auberry vanished in the rugged terrain surrounding the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday after lunch. The first exact quote that each article uses shows a great deal about the focus of the article.

AP's first direct quote:
“We’re hopeful he was able to find shelter. There are a number of rock crevasses, and he could have covered himself up with leaves,? said Mike Lambert, a ranger with North Carolina State Parks.

CNN's first direct quote:
"As long as he's able to stay dry, we feel he can survive for several days," said by Dave Bauer of the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Service

While both these quotes deal with the safety of Michael Auberry, the CNN quote is much more hopeful. It provides the length of time they believe Auberry can survive. It is a more effective quote because it informs the readers about timeliness. This is one of the key journalist values and is extremely important in this case because time is crucial. Other news values that are important in both these articles are proximity and impact. The impact of a missing child is clear to anyone who has children or can understand the pain of a missing child. The proximity the missing child is to the readers is also an important news value that both articles integrate. Both articles use the exact same picture of Michael Auberry and have the image displayed prominently with the article. Also, both articles are written in the inverted pyramid style of reporting, a good choice given the content of the story.