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Bomb targets U.S. Embassy convoy in Kabul

A U.S. embassy convoy was hit by a Taliban suicide car bomber in Kabul on Monday, killing an Afghan teenager by the road and wounding officials in the motorcade. A 14-year-old boy was killed in the attack, which took place on a main road leading east out of the Afghan capital which is often used by NATO and U.S.-led coalition troops, police said. Both articles have similar information, but the CNN article encompasses more of the core journalist values.

The Reuters article does not have a direct quote in the article. This is interesting and leads me to believe that the information provided in the article is not as precise as the information in the CNN article. When a news story incorporates quotes the timeliness and impact values are greatly enhanced. The CNN article’s second paragraph is a direct quote:

"There were several injuries, including one American who was evacuated and is being treated at this time," said Joe Mellott, a U.S. Embassy spokesman.

This story encompasses many of the core journalist values, specifically impact and novelty. The impact of the loss of live is relatable to all people. Both articles are written in brief, inverted pyramid style. Both stories’ are very short yet have a great deal of information. Both articles are also accompanied by a picture of the effects of the bomb. Both these articles were filed only 20 minutes apart, so the timeliness of both is very close.