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Slain preacher's wife denies pulling trigger

A preacher's wife accused of murdering her husband testified Wednesday that she doesn't remember picking up the shotgun or pointing it at her husband, but she said she did not pull the trigger. She heard a ``boom'' as the shotgun fired, she said. Mary Winkler told a Tennessee jury on Wednesday about her volatile marriage to a preacher she said berated her, forced her to watch pornography and to wear "slutty" costumes for sex.

The exact same pair of quotes was present early on in both articles.
"You know that pulling a trigger is what makes it go boom?" prosecutor Walter Freeland asked in his cross-examination. "Yes, sir," Winkler replied.

The AP ends its article with:
Last week, prosecutors played an audiotape in which Mary Winkler acknowledged shooting her husband, telling investigators her ``ugly came out.'' She told authorities that her husband criticized her constantly and that she got tired of it and just ``snapped.''

While the CNN article ends with:
Winkler's three daughters are living with her in-laws, who have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her.

While both articles are written in the inverted pyramid style, the tone of each article is different as seen by the ending of each article. The CNN article is fairly free of bias while the AP article is more condemning the accused.
Both articles are full news stories, not briefs, and both articles were filed within five hours of each other on the same day. Also, despite the differences in tone the core journalistic values are present in both stories. Timeliness, impact, and conflict are all present and emphasized in the pieces.