Blog #3 Lyric in Times of Political Instability

I believe that prose, poems, and other art forms in times of violence serve not only to heal the author and reader but also as historian and anthropologist for future readers. Writing about violence whether it be war, genocide, religious or political strife, or civil rights acts both as healer and anthropologist. Future people will read these works have an insight beyond facts and figures and experience the emotional repercussions of violence. For example every history class has studied World War Two, but once you read something like Anne Frank's diary or other memoirs you can truly feel the emotions of fear, distrust, and anger that accompany the historical event. Now when we think of wars there is more than bullets, soldiers, winners and losers but rather real people that were deeply affected by violence and lost. In reading "Lyric in Time of Violence," I was strongly reminded of how art can serve to educate and preserve different facets of violence. In the case of this piece the reader is taken beyond September 11 and into the world of an Indian woman and her family; their emotions, fears, and distrust.

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