October 14, 2007

Deus Ex Aleatorium

Equalizing the Rule Breach

By Douglas E. Gogerty

With what the god of light felt was an impending loss of a wager, it was determined to change the criteria. According to its interpretation, it was not cheating to influence the living beings in a certain regard. Thus, a human female was impregnated.

The female was a slave, living under the rule of a great monarch. She did not wish her offspring to live in these conditions. Further, she could not afford to raise the child herself. She was lamenting her fate and bemoaning what she would have to do. When the child was still a babe of three months, she could wait no longer. She placed the young boy in a small vessel made from bulrushes and placed it in the river to sail away.

Further down the river, the daughter of the reigning monarch retrieved the child. She hired a wet nurse for the child and raised him as her own. The baby grew into adulthood in the monarch's palace.

After an incident, the young adult left the palace and began a life as a normal human of that time. He wed and tended the flocks of his father-in-law. However, he always felt he should do something about the suffering people of the kingdom where he was raised.

One day he observed a bright light emanating from something that appeared to be a shrub. The god of light came to speak with him. It gave the man instructions on freeing the suffering people of the kingdom.

After several plagues on the kingdom, the chosen people of the lord of light made an exodus of the monarchy. Running away from the pursuing army, the chosen people made it through a revealed path in a large body of water. The army did not make it through before the water returned, and the son of the lord of light led his people into the desert.

No longer enslaved by the monarch, the people still suffered greatly. However, they believed in their leader. They wandered looking for a land that was flowing with dairy products and had an abundance of apiaries. With regular conferences with the lord of light, the man wrote several scrolls containing the rules and regulations for the people to follow. This made the god of light very happy.

For nearly a hundred years, the man led his people. While they tried to follow all of the rules written, they were not completely successful. However, they were the chosen people of the lawgiver. Thus, they felt blessed.

However, at the age of 120, the man left his people to their own ways. It was time to let these people live without direct influence from the lord of light. For several years, he watched and wrote about those chosen people. Eventually, he gave the scrolls to his people. In that way, they could read the laws in effort to follow them more closely.

The man wandered off and lived a quiet solitary life. He spoke often with his father, the god of light, but he did not want to interfere with the people any longer. Both of them let them grow.

For 1500 years, the god of the darkness was unaware of the intervention of the god of light. The people given the laws had flourished. They had their difficulties and triumphs. They had their powerful times and their times of great despair. While they were a stronghold of the god of light; nonetheless, the god of darkness was still prevailing.

After that time, the tribes lived under Roman rule. These Romans were not followers of the god of light. They had erected their gods out of the chaos. Hence, the civilized pagans of the Roman Empire were ruling over the chosen people. The god of light did not wish this to stand.

The god of light spoke to his son made flesh, it asked the ancient man to return to his people. He had dabbled as a prophet, so he was not completely without contact with his people. This time, he came to them as their new ruler. The Roman Emperor also recognized him as such.

He rebuilt their great temple, and stabilized the chaos that had ruled them under Roman occupation. He performed great works for the chosen people.

The problem was that the god of light was not as careful as he had been previously. The god of darkness observed the interference. After a brief contemplation, the god decided not to press the issue. Instead, the lord of darkness would even out the situation by conceiving a son of his own with a mortal.

When the god of light discovered the equalization of representation, it did not wish the child to reach maturity. The god of light used its power to shine a star in the sky above the locale where the child was born. Its son sent several of his most important and wise lieges to the child to do great harm to him. However, none of the sent assassins could bring themselves to kill the innocent babe. Instead, they showered the child with gifts.

This son, enraged by the actions of his people, ordered the death of every son under the age of two in the area to be killed. However, the new immortal boy escaped the slaughter. He searched for the child, whose name was Judas for nearly a year but was unsuccessful.

The king realized he lost that battle, and he should take a new identity to compete with an equal footing of the newborn. Thus, he would need to fake his own death like he had done so many times before.

He quite enjoyed the tale of the virgin birth and the star. Thus, he co-opted it for his next identity. He would change the name of the babe from Judas to Jesus, and take on that role. It would be several years before they would be able to compete directly. Thus, little is spoken of this period.

Nonetheless, the two men did meet and became fast friends. They both became teachers. Together, they would wander the area speaking their good words. Each would influence the other's speeches. They greatly admired each other, and garnered a great following.

In the end, they both betrayed the other. They both got in trouble with the authorities, and on one day they both would be executed.

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