September 21, 2008

Iapetus Saves Albuquerque

Chapter Ten

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Captain Cheever got out of his Humvee which signaled to the other three men that they could also. Noted astronomer Philadelphia Plate went over to anthropology professor Dr. John Maland and introduced himself. Dr. Maland was often recognized from his adventures with Iapetus.

Dr. Maland introduced the men to the Iapetian Storyteller, and all four men exchanged pleasantries. When that was finished, they turned to watch as the dust cloud got between Albuquerque and the two alien controlled giant monsters.

Cyber-Iapetus and the Sletfernian Sand Monster watched curiously as the huge cloud approached. Eventually the dust cleared. Iapetus and his son stood between the two monsters and the large New Mexican city. All four monsters stood there briefly.

The son of Iapetus stood across from the sand monster, and Iapetus stood in front of his cybernetic counterpart. The four monsters stood motionless. They each looked at their counter-parts and sized them up. Everyone was waiting for someone or something to make the first move.

Eventually, Cyber-Iapetus raised his arm to fire some missiles at the son of Iapetus. However, before it could launch them, Iapetus rushed the mechanical monster. He pushed its arm straight up, and attempted to push the mechanical beast to the ground. However, Cyber-Iapetus's tail prevented that from happening.

The machine gun doors of the mechanical beast opened up, and Iapetus released his grip to dodge the hail of bullets. He pushed the mechanical beast away, and jumped to his right away from his son who was maintaining the stand-off with the sand monster.

Cyber-Iapetus twisted and turned spraying bullets all over the place but not hitting anything. However, with the separation, it managed to place its laser on Iapetus head and launch a couple of missiles. The agile monster ducked and the missiles flew off harmlessly. Learning from this mistake, the aliens targeted Iapetus's torso with the laser. The next series of missiles struck Iapetus in the ribs and exploded.

While the missiles struck their target, they did little damage to the ancient monster. He let out a Is that all you got? roar, and rushed the mechanical monster. The aliens controlling Cyber-Iapetus clumsily attempted to swing the mechanical tail at the rushing monster but were too late. Iapetus tackled his mechanical counterpart and the two fell in a heap on the ground.

With Iapetus on top, he punched at the mechanical monster. Some spots were weakened by the A-10 machine gun fire, and Iapetus found a few of these spots making the dents more pronounced. The aliens attempted to get Cyber-Iapetus out of this predicament, but did not have enough experience with the controls of the weapon system.

Suddenly, the huge mechanical monster became motionless. This action startled Iapetus; however, he continued to pound on the vulnerable dented spots on the machines armor. The seconds seemed to drag on as the mechanical beast did not do anything to resist the attacks.

Suddenly, Iapetus was thrown off the mechanical beast. With a brief mechanical roar, it sprayed its flames at the now flying beast. Iapetus landed with a start but shook off the intense heat. However, the mechanical beast moved onto its next attack. It launched several series of missiles at Iapetus. Each set hitting its mark.

As Iapetus tried to dodge the incoming missiles, the mechanical protector was already moving onto its next attack. It was clear that the mechanical beast was no longer being controlled by the aliens. It had switched into auto-protect mode. The computer would determine the moves at a much faster speed than the aliens. Cyber-Iapetus was now a much more dangerous foe.

The missiles were followed by a hail of bullets from the shoulder machine guns. Iapetus was not quick enough to dodge the series of attacks. All of them hit their marks. Several spots on the thick hide of the ancient monster began to change color. They had not penetrated yet, but they were weakening some spots.

The bullets were followed by another flame attack from Cyber-Iapetus's open mouth. Iapetus once again withstood the intense heat, and swept the feet out from under the mechanical beast with his tail.

The stumbling monster gave Iapetus a brief respite from the series of attacks. However, they quickly returned with a launch of missiles. When the missiles launched, Iapetus rushed at the mechanical beast. He grabbed the mechanical beast, and with a twist of his back turned the monster around.

The missiles struck their originator rather than their target. However, they did not do any damage to the thick armor. Nonetheless, they did heat up the metal skin of the weapon system. The heat stung Iapetus's hands and he had to let his grip go.

Cyber-Iapetus swung a couple of round house punches to Iapetus's ribs. One of the punches hit a soft spot, and he cringed at the pain shooting through his body. The anguish grew as Cyber-Iapetus swung his tail and hit the same spot. Iapetus roared in pain as he fell to the ground.

While the giant lizard writhed in pain on the ground, his mechanical foe ran to him. It attempted to kick him in the soft spot in his ribs, but Iapetus rolled to away and was on his feet in one swift move. The two stood face to face attempting to determine their next move.

Meanwhile, the son of Iapetus and the Sletfernian Sand Monster continued to size each other up. At first the pair just stood there. They eventually began to move in a circle. Each one waiting for the other to make the first move. Neither one was willing to commit to an attack.

The concerned father glanced over to see was going on with his son. The aliens saw this maneuver and attempted to get the sand monster to fight. However, they did not have that much control over the monster. Thus, they could not force an attack on the young monster.

After a few moments of trying, the aliens switched their plan of attack. They attempted to regain control of the cybernetic weapon system. If they could get it to attack the young monster, perhaps all the monsters would engage in battle.

They struggled against the controls, but with a stutter in the weapons movement, they gained control. With all the subtlety they could muster, they were able to fire a single missile at the young monster. The young monster casually brushed the missile aside and it exploded on the ground doing no damage.

The four monsters were again motionless waiting for the next move. The machine gun doors were open, but not firing. Iapetus, sensing that the mechanical weapon system was once again being controlled by the aliens, made a sudden attack. Cyber-Iapetus open fire.

The bullets sprayed randomly. However, the charge by Iapetus caused the bullets to spray towards his son. A few of the bullets struck the young beast as it cried in pain. Suddenly, all four monsters were fighting.

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