September 28, 2008

Iepetus Saves Albuquerque

Chapter Eleven

By Douglas E Gogerty

With the four men watching from a distance, the son of Iapetus was swinging his tail wildly at the Sletfernian Sand Monster. This attack was having no effect upon the monster made of sand. His tail simply passed right through.

On the other hand, the sand monster was landing occasional blows to the young monster. These blows did not do much damage to the novice fighter, but they were frustrating the youngster by not being able to strike back.

The sand monster began putting more power into its attacks. One of the attacks knocked the young monster to the ground. While he was on the ground the sand monster jumped upon him and stepped up its attacks.

Several of the alien rocks were holding the young monster on the ground while others looked for vulnerable spots. The blows landed here and there on the midsection of the young monster who struggled to find away to counter the attacks.

Although Iapetus would have liked to help his son, he had to worry about Cyber-Iapetus. Since the aliens retook control of the mechanical beast, its attacks were not as coordinated. However, it was still a formidable foe.

The aliens placed the laser on the son of Iapetus and attempted to fire some missiles. However, the slow clumsy motion gave away its intention and Iapetus grabbed the hand of the mechanical monster. The missiles launched but exploded in the hand of the weapon system. Iapetus removed his hand and shook it. That move stung his own hand as well.

This explosion caused a cascade effect as fire erupted from the hand. Several of the missiles exploded and shot flames out of the former hand of Cyber-Iapetus. Once again the weapon system paused. The fire was quickly put out, and the auto-protect mode was activated.

A series of missiles came from the remaining good hand. Iapetus stepped away from his son to prevent him from being struck by stray attacks. Meanwhile, the cybernetic weapon system used its shoulder machine guns for its next attack.

Iapetus kept rolling away from his son as the hail of bullets followed. Cyber-Iapetus opened his mouth and sprayed fire at the rolling monster. The scrub caught fire, but there was not enough to burn for long.

Iapetus stopped his defensive maneuver when Cyber-Iapetus's back was towards his son. At this point, he charged the mechanical weapon. The machine swiped its tail at the rushing beast, but Iapetus jumped over the swinging tail. With another jump, he placed both feet onto his opponent's side in a successful drop kick.

The weapon system tumbled to the ground as Iapetus used his tail to retain his feet. Before his foe could regain its footing, Iapetus had picked up a large rock and threw it at the weapon system. Iapetus grabbed as many rocks as he could find and threw them at the reclining weapon system.

The rocks hit their target, but were no match for the heavily armored weapon system. Cyber-Iapetus managed to get its footing and knocked the final rocks easily aside. It opened its mouth and sprayed flames at Iapetus.

Slowly, Iapetus backed away from the flaming maw of his foe. He was drawing the mechanical weapon system further from his son battling the sand monster. Cyber-Iapetus advanced towards his retreating foe still spewing fire. The fire stopped without warning, and a volley of missiles headed towards the still retreating monster.

Several more missiles were launched from the good hand of the mechanical beast. Each hit their mark and Iapetus roared in pain as one hit a sensitive part of his side. A return roar came from his son who was still pinned beneath the sand monster. However, Iapetus could not come to the aid of his son at this point as he was receiving a series of attacks from the mechanical weapon system.

"Let's go!" shouted astronomer Philadelphia Plate.

"Go where?" asked Captain Cheever.

"I know the vulnerability of the sand monster," replied Dr. Plate.

"And just how are you going to communicate with the lizard monster?" asked the captain.

"I can communicate with him," replied the Iapetian Storyteller.

"It is out of the question. It is too dangerous," replied Captain Cheever.

"Hop in my car," replied Dr. Maland. "I'll take you down there."

"Hold on you...." barked Captain Cheever.

"Those two 'lizard monsters' as you call them," interrupted the storyteller. "They are here to help. If we can help them, we are helping ourselves."

"But..." started Captain Cheever.

"Times wasting!" stated Dr. Maland.

"Now hold on!" shouted Captain Cheever. "My vehicle is much safer than that rental car. I'll take you down there."

The four men jumped into the rental car and the military Humvee drove close to where the sand monster had pinned the son of Iapetus to the ground. Captain Cheever remained in the vehicle as the other three jumped out.

Dr. Plate pointed at the dark patches inside the cloud of sand that made up the monster.

"See those dark rocks there?" asked the astronomer.

"Yes," they both replied.

"They fell to earth and created craters in the desert. Once they all landed in the sand, they gathered themselves up into the sand monster."

"Why did it go to Santa Fe?" asked Dr. Maland.

"One of those meteoroids was taken there by some kid. My guess is that the monster needs all of them to function. Thus, it had to retrieve the missing part from Santa Fe."

"So, if our young protector concentrated his attack on those meteoroids..." the storyteller said thoughtfully.

"Exactly!" replied Dr. Plate. "He could actually inflict damage..."

Before Dr. Plate could finish his sentence the young monster had grabbed two rocks from the interior of the sand monster. With one in each hand, he smacked the two together. The sand monster let out some sort of high pitched whine.

The young monster continued to bang the two rocks together. The sand monster used others in an attempt to get him to stop. It was clear that the monster was in pain. It released its hold on the monster and concentrated on stopping the action of the young monster.

The son of Iapetus threw one of the rocks into the pile of rocks his father made, and grabbed another one. He began striking these two rocks together. After a few strikes he threw that rock in the opposite direction.

The sand monster continued to pound the young monster with all his might. However, with each action it became weaker and weaker. The young Iapetian protector continued to strike the meteoroids together and tossing a new one away.

Eventually, the original stone, which he retained, crumbled into pieces in his hand. The monster's whine became nearly deafening, but it could no longer control the sand and it fell into a large dune.

Just to be sure, the son of Iapetus smashed a few more rocks into dust. He had successfully defeated his first major foe. However, his father was still struggling with the mechanical weapon system. He would now help with that task.

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