The Carbon Pirates

Part 2

Essdy continued his story:

He visited the Arijog world and loaded two mechanical trees onto the Iguana II and headed to Sennicam. The governmental structure of Sennicam was remarkable. They had been coalesced under a single government for a thousand years before joining the Galactic Commonwealth. But, more remarkable was the fact that an emperor managed them. They were the only empire in the commonwealth. Apart from the Izanian Empire, they were the only known empire that reached the space age.

Eagle arranged a meeting with the Emperor Enyawd Sennicam. He was a jolly fellow, but very aware that something must be done about the situation of his minor empire. He was always looking for new technology that he could exploit. However, it was generally against commonwealth policy to hand out new technology. However, Eagle needed the leverage, and it would be beneficial to this empire.

Eagle set up one of these machines in the square outside the palace. It was not large, and it fit in nicely with the sculpture garden. It was in a large domed space with plenty of sun exposure. He let it run for several hours before his meeting with Emperor Enyawd. It sat there silently, but working very efficiently turning the carbon dioxide in the air into usable raw materials. Upon his meeting with the Emperor, he offered to share the technology. However, he was not going to give the Sennicamian people the technology for free; it had to be paid for. He could wait for these carbon-producing machines to produce enough carbon to meet his price, or if they could obtain the carbon before hand, his price would be lower.

He gave a demonstration. He took the few milligrams of carbon out of the machine and demonstrated the purity of the oxygen it produced. He also informed them that the only thing needed to run this machine was setting it in sunlight. Thus, not only would it give them a lower concentration of greenhouse gasses, but it would also give them the added technology of turning sunlight into energy.

The Emperor's council was amazed at the simplicity of the device. They saw the benefit of an alternative to their burning of carbon for fuel. However, they were curious as to what Eagle was going to do with the carbon that he gathered. He gave a forthright answer. He was going turn the carbon into a transparent screen in which to view out of his ship. He was going to have a carbon window. He was going to have a strong transparent substance that would hold up to the rigors of space. If he could get the proper quantity quick enough, he told them, he could have it installed right away.

The Emperor enquired about the amount of carbon they had available. They determined that they had a vast shipment that just arrived. However, this would leave them short of energy reserves. Eagle told them that it is understandable, and he was willing to wait for the greater quantity. He would even help them unlock the key to solar energy while he waited for his payment.

He was given free range of the world during his stay. He used the time to describe how these solar cells turned light into electricity to the native engineers. He also showed them how to build their own mechanical trees. The native engineers learned very quickly. They set up a factory to produce the mechanical trees. The Sennicamian people would place these trees all over their world. They would place them on the tops of buildings, and on flotillas on the water, and any locations exposed to enough sunlight whether they were inside the domes or out.

They devised several schemes to collect the carbon. They were still of the mindset that they were going to burn the carbon. Old habits die hard I suppose. As they were creating forests of the mechanical trees, Eagle took the opportunity to explore their world. He was looking for the stolen carbon shipment, and trying to learn as much as he could about the Sennicamian people.

He was beginning to hope that he would not find the cargo containers. He began to admire the Sennicamian ingenuity, and their culture. He was greatly saddened when he discovered the cargo containers in a warehouse. Many of them were empty, so he was forced to confront Emperor Enyawd. He told the emperor that some of his subjects had committed a crime against another Commonwealth nation. If the Galactic Commonwealth discovered that it was government sactioned, it could cost your people its membership. Moreover, it could possibly end your leadership of this planet.

Enyawd took a dim view of these threats; however, he enquired as to how this situation could be best resolved. Eagle apologized for his tone. He stated that the carbon must be returned to its rightful owner. He had some pull with the leadership of the world where the carbon was going to go, but the entire amount must be restored to its rightful owners. The mechanical trees in sum were producing quite a bit of carbon, and it would just be a matter of time before they had enough carbon to make up the difference. However, in doing this, it would take Eagle a longer amount of time to get his pay.

Emperor Enyawd was placed in a very difficult situation. He decided to expand the use of solar energy and asked Eagle if there were any other forms of energy that which they could take advantage. Eagle replied there are several forms of energy production available. However, this information would cost the Sennicam people greatly. They could never afford to pay for such knowledge.

The emperor acquiesced to this explanation and doubled the production of the solar generating stations. They were going to cut way back on their use of carbon-based fuels. It was going to be a painful step in the evolution of their culture, but it was a very necessary one. Disenfranchisement from the Galactic Commonwealth would mean that they would be on the same footing with the Izanian. They would be hard pressed to compete with that civilization on any front. The Sennicamians relied on the Commonwealth for their galactic livelihood.

When Eagle left, he assured the emperor that the Commonwealth would ask no questions on where he obtained the carbon. He also set a date when he could return for his payment. Although he was never going to get the amount that he deserved, as he did a great service to the people of Sennicam, he really wanted that carbon. He was greatly desirous to obtain his new window.

Eagle arrived at with the cargo of carbon. He told the carbon processing manager, that he must have been getting close, as the carbon containers were abandoned on an asteroid just on the other side of a hypergate. It was well hidden, but he informed the manager, that his sources led him right to the proper asteroid. He explained to the factory manager that all the carbon containers were there, and they still had their cargo.

The manager pressed him for more information, but Eagle did not give him any information. He reminded the manager that he would return soon with a load of carbon, and that he was looking forward to obtaining his new window. He left and returned to Sennicam to claim the carbon he had been promised by the Emperor.

When he returned to Sennicam, it was raining. Emperor Enyawd greeted him at the landing port. He was standing in the rain, and was soaked to the skin. It was the first time it had rained on Sennicam in 12 years. The people were rejoicing in the change in their environment. Many of the citizens were dancing in the falling showers, and the Emperor loved the rain. The emperor doubled the amount of carbon he had promised Eagle because he was so grateful for what Eagle had done.

Eagle graciously accepted the reward. Any increase in revenue was always welcome. He would sell the extra to the carbon to the highest bidder or perhaps use it all for a deluxe window.

With his large carbon stockpile, Eagle returned to He had the windscreen plans for years. It was going to be one this sheet of carbon with a titanium blast shield for emergencies. Eagle very much disliked trusting his computer for every bit of information. He wanted to see where he was going and what he was up against.

After several weeks of processing, the grateful manager installed the windscreen on the Iguana II. Eagle was thrilled!

That was a good story Yarnspinner! Is it true?"

You should see it the next time Eagle lands here. He'll be happy to show you!

Maybe I'll just do that...

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