Just Super - The End

By Dwayne MacInnes

Within an hour, a priest entered the Bat Cave with Superman, and a wedding ceremony took place. Robin moaned in agony with Batman keeping vigil at his side. The priest married Clark and Lois, and then he presided over the last rites of Robin.

"Clark, thank you," Lois whispered before she expired.

The priest then performed the last rites for Lois. Superman and Batman escorted the priest out of the mansion. As the holy man left, Batman put a hand on Superman's shoulder.

"Clark, we fought till the end. I'm going to give those two a proper funeral. This mansion shall be their pyre. We have to do it before they reawaken as the undead."

Superman nodded his head in silence.

The huge fire licked the sky as Wayne Manor burned furiously. The two superheroes watched the inferno consume the mansion.

"Clark, this world has no room for us anymore. I nearly lost it when Alfred succumbed to the plague in the early days. Did you know I saw Salina Kyle devouring commissioner Gordon? I even saw Batgirl fall to a horde of undead. I have to leave the safe-zone. Maybe I'll head west, roam the land. You can join me if you wish."

Superman just shook his head. "I have to stay. You think Diana will return?"

"Maybe, if Paradise Island is safe. But, I have a feeling that even it was hit by the plague. You know we are probably the last living humans -- well you know what I mean... The last humans are those of us in the safe-zone."

Superman just nodded his head.

Sometime during the long night, Batman slipped away. Superman did not notice that he had left. The Man of Steel just continued to watch the flames.

In the morning as the collapsed mansion continued to smolder Superman walked through the ruins. Superman walked unconsciously and found himself at the Bat Cave's secret entrance. The one used by the Batmobile.

The Man of Steel was making his way back up the hillside when a noise reached his ears. It was the sound of someone rustling in the undergrowth.

Superman spun around to see Lois shambling out from the cave's entrance.

"Lois!" Superman yelled. "You survived after all."

Superman pulled the undead Lois into his arms. As he hugged her close, she tried to bite the Man of Steel's neck. Superman took this for a kiss and began to kiss his wife.

* * * * *

Clark was preparing to return home when he watched Lois stagger into the Daily Planet's office. Her skin was mottled and rotted. Her teeth showed through where her left cheek used to be.

"Hi, honey. Glad to see you made here," Clark said. "I'm just going to say goodnight to Perry."

Clark Kent rapped again on the glass door and entered the Chief's office. Perry White was still looking out the dirty window.

"Hey chief, Lois is here we're going to knock off for the night," Clark looked down upon the loose sheaves of paper on the desk he placed there early that day. "I see you've read my report. I hope you liked it."

Clark turned and left. As the door closed behind him, the blank pages of white paper fluttered off the table and scattered upon the floor. Perry White continued to look down upon Metropolis as the sun was setting. The zombie chief let out a grunt as he vacantly stared down upon the undead citizens of the safe-zone shambling about in the twilight.

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