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Meet Tyler Vencedor

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Tyler Vencedor was the top hunter-killer the illuminati had. He was the only son of Antonio Canovas del Castillo, and was in Santa Agueda when Michele Angiolillo shot his father.

The bullet in his father's head was not going to kill the immortal member of the illuminati; however, it was going to be debilitating. Thus, he watched in horror as his uncle decapitated the 69 year-old Spanish statesman.

The story was that Angiolillo was an anarchist, but everyone in the family knew he was a vampire. Tyler watched the death sentence carried out on Angiolillo by garotte. While this device does not normally decapitate, it did in this instance, and Spain banned public executions from this point on.

With Tyler's first experience in the conflict between the illuminati and the vampires, Tyler had proclaimed vengeance upon all vampires. Thus, he trained hard to be the best fighter. His first death came at 21 in combat training.

He was born Teodora Canovas Del Castillo in Madrid Spain in 1886. Nine months earlier, his father had resigned as Prime Minister. In his first few years, he saw a great deal of his father. However, his father was a politician and was elected Prime Minister again.

With this great pride of his heritage, he hated to give up his name. However, to perform his job, he needed to be discrete. Thus, like many of his kind, he constantly changed his name, but some Spanish influence often remained in the names he took.

When the end of times finally arrived, he was in the Pakistan. He used the troubled times there to great effect. Practically anonymous, he presided over a number of beheadings. Under his watch, all the known vampires in Pakistan were eliminated. He was even involved in a few high profile incidents, but no one implicated him in any of them.

With his successes in the Middle East, the important individuals in the illuminati sent him to the United States. They hoped that he could do the same there; however, the foe's numbers were far greater in the US.

With his age permanently affixed at 21, his options were great. He could pass in any large number of situations. He was often mistaken for a professional athlete. However, he did not get involved in sports in order to avoid the notoriety. He had tried out for the University of Nebraska football team, and he made the grade as a walk-on. However, when he finished his assignment there before football season started, he moved on.

He eventually ended up in New York City. He avoided the famous members of the vampire set, but he managed a series of decapitations. He became slightly cavalier about the task, and the police found one of his victims.

He was at Madison Square Garden and took care of one of his vampire nemeses in the parking garage. Fortunately, he hid his sword in the garage rather than have it on his person. Before he could exit the garage, a New York police officer took him into custody.

Without a murder weapon, they did not have enough evidence against him, and had no choice but to release him. For some reason, they did not believe his theory that it was a suicide. His superiors wanted to move him to a different venue, but the police would not let him leave town.

He managed to retrieve his sword without incident, but the police dogged him continuously. He had other vampires on his list, but he dared not visit them. Nonetheless, someone killed a few of these vampires while Tyler was under investigation.

The evidence was mounting against Tyler, and it was beginning to look bad for him. Being constantly under surveillance should have exonerated him, but for some reason, it was not the case.

Eventually, someone contacted him to meet him in a warehouse. He made sure his police escort followed him, but went unarmed. Inside was a large vampire who had Tyler on *his* list. Tyler knew it was inevitable, but he was surprised at the size of his foe.


The large man was slow and clumsy, but he wielded a hefty Scottish Claymore. Tyler ducked and ran to avoid the large man's sword. The enormous man swung the sword wildly in the hope to catch the wily young man.

Tyler found a pipe on the ground to help protect himself. However, when the sword hit the pipe, he fell to the ground trying to absorb the contact. The sword packed a mighty blow, and it took chunks out of the pipe with each successful hit.

The scene was looking bleak as Tyler was beginning to tire. The dodging and ducking could not go on forever. Luckily, the mighty vampire was also beginning to wear out. It was time for Tyler to take a chance.

He rushed the giant to get too close for the vampire to swing his sword effectively. The man attempted to push Tyler away. This effort allowed Tyler to put the pipe against the claymore and between his hands. In this configuration, he jumped behind the vampire. Thus, the large man had the long sword handle with both of his hands. The sword sat diagonally across his chest with the pipe holding it above his right shoulder.

The enormous vampire pulled and pulled, but the chink in the pipe held the sword in place. Tyler was practically hanging on his back. Slowly, the sword reached the shoulder of Tyler's foe. He continued to pull and pull with his opponent attempting to wrest his sword free.

Tyler had the advantage of leverage and the sword began to cut the vampire's neck. Eventually, the huge man could no longer hold on and let go. The mighty sword lodged in his spine. Tyler kicked the legs out from under him, and down he went. By a fortunate set of circumstances, the sword caught on a box and managed to decapitate his foe.

With his aching muscles, Tyler collapsed on the floor. His police escort waited for backup before entering the warehouse. Thus, the fight was over before the police entered. Fortunately for Tyler, the entire fight was caught on the security cameras and his tail had viewed the entire thing.

Much of the physical evidence on the bodies had miraculously disappeared. The bodies had decomposed at an unexpected rate. Thus, the police assumed that the large man was responsible for the decapitations. Tyler was exonerated and free to leave.

The illuminati wanted him to have a low profile, so they sent him to Minnesota to lay low for a while. They suggested that he take some classes at the University of Minnesota for fun. The important people in the illuminati ordered him to rest. They would take some time to determine his next course of action. Thus, he took the name of Tyler Vencedor and moved to Saint Paul.

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