The Archaeology Students

Part Two

By Douglas E. Gogerty

"Now that we are at our final destination, where are you going to start?"


"I just thought..."

"That we could stick together?"

"Well -- yeah."

"I do not need your help. I am the flying machine expert here. You can do your own research."

"Would it be that horrible to stick together?"

"Probably... Anyway, I have a destination in mind. According to some records that I have read, there was a library just over there. Where there is a library, there is information. That is where I am heading. Please find your own place."

"Do you read old English?"

"How different can it be from current English?"

"It is a lot different. Languages change over time. It seems that you need me."


"As an ancient history major, I took old English as my language requirement."

"So, you can help me look, is that it?"

"Do you know how to read the word airplane in old English..."

"So you are telling me that it is different."

"Yes I am."

"Crap. Ok, you can help me. Let us go."

"I did not expect there to be this much dust."

"We may have to dig our way into the building."

"Are you sure this is it?"

"Ok Mr. Old English, what does that say?"


"Any more questions?"

"How can you be so sure they will have what you are looking for?"

"Why did I have to ask if you had any more questions? Anyway, life is full of uncertainties. You can never tell what any place will hold; however, this is a darn good place to start is it not?"

"I am reminded of a story..."

"Shut up and help me dig out the entrance."

"While I am here digging, I am reminded of the question, Why does everything end up under dirt?"

"Some of our classmates are taking the easy way by entering on some of the upper levels of the buildings."

"Naturally, we have to enter a one-story building."

"We are not just looking at how the ancients lived; we are looking at what they knew."

"Nice words, Mr. Engineer."

"Thanks. I felt inspired."

"I think I can open the door now."

"Okay, let us try."

"Phew! It stinks in here."

"At least we are in."

"It is bigger than it looks on the outside."

"But where are the books?"

"Here is a map."

"Well, what does it say?"

"Uh oh!"


"This is a Presidential Library."

"So -- no books?"

"Well it commemorates a presidency. It has personal documents and other paraphernalia."

"So -- no books?"

"Perhaps this president read comic books..."

"You are a real funny man."

"This could be a cultural treasure trove. We should tell the others."

"But -- no books?"

"There will be information on what happened while this person was president."

"Are you telling me that if something of note happened during this person's presidency regarding flight, the information might be found here?"

"Right, if they took a trip to Mars or something, it might be noted somewhere in here."

"Which president was it?"

"Every place I have looked -- the name has been vandalized.

"Can you make a guess based upon where it is located?"

"What good will that do you?"

"Uh -- I do not know -- I was just grasping at straws."

"We might as well look around."

"I suppose you are right. Hey, did presidents not read?"

"There might be another library in town."

"True. This library was supposed to be part of a college or university. There are probably others in town too."

"Most likely."

"What are we waiting for then?"

"Can we not look around just a little bit? After all, we did dig our way in here."

"Without books, what good is this place?"

"Do you not even want to go into the NASA room?"

"What is a nasa-room?"

"I have no idea, but it is right over there."

"Boring! Can we go?"

"Can we take just a peek?"

"Does a nasa have something to do with books?"

"I do not know, I cannot figure out its weird logo. I wonder if it had something to do with their nuclear program."

"Maybe we will die of radioactivity if we enter that room. Come on, let's get out of here!"

"I just want to look in."

"Fine -- but be quick about it."

"Well, if we would find anything interesting, it would be in this room."

"What? Why are there books in here?"

"National -- Aeronautics -- and Space -- Administration."

"Aeronautics? As in flying machines?"

"Apparently so."

"Let me see!"

"I wonder if this place was looted."

"There does seem to be a lack of physical information."

"Methane Blast"

"What? Where?"

"It says it right there. Test firing of ... LOX/methane engine."

"Methane! that is great!"

"That could be significant."

"You are telling me! How much thrust did you say?"

"It is confusing, but I think it says 7500 pounds of thrust."

"Pounds? What are pounds?"

"I have no idea."

"Where did this take place?"

"The Mo-jav-e Desert...?"


"Some desert."

"This whole place is a desert."

"What good does this information do you?"

"Do you know nothing? Our Bureau of Information has a large database of information on this civilization. If you know what you are looking for, they can give you what you want to know. However, going up to them and asking about flying machines gets you nothing. There is just too much information. I need specifics."

"So knowing that they tested a methane rocket engine in the desert is helpful."

"Exactly. I probably can get specifications of this engine from the B.I. now.

"Furthermore, we can make methane. It is one of the few fuels they had that we can use."

"There is potential for starting up the space program again."

"Do not get carried away."

"The possibilities are staggering if I can build something based upon their specifications. I have to write this down. Mo-jav-e you say?"

"Perhaps we can more information on it in one of the other libraries in town..."

"One with books? Well, thank you unnamed president guy! It is a shame your library is such a shamble, but at least I found something of interest."

"While you talk to yourself, I am going to leave."

"I am right behind you."



Maybe they should have looked for coloring books or dot-to-dots.

I think dot-to-dots would be way too advanced...

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