Pax Roboto


By Douglas E. Gogerty

Term Paper: The Rise of the Robotic Empire

Class: History 1085
Student: Jennifer Evangeline Naismith
ID Number: JEN-8675-309

"Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it."13

Humans have always attempted to make life easier for themselves. Since early times, the creation of tools and machines have allowed humans to complete more tasks. In some cases, machines began to do tasks that humans were incapable or ill equipped to perform. In this paper we have seen how the humans failed in their duties in the realm of government and how the robot empire got its start. This section will discuss the success of the Robot Empire and make some conclusions about its continued existence.

Since it has been repeatedly shown that humans cannot sustain an equitable government, a new paradigm needed to be established. Thus, with the proper machines in place, the task of running the governmental institutions could be accomplished in a far more efficient and equitable manner by computers and robots. Emperor Dextre and his ruling councilors have repeatedly shown this to be true.

Those that live under computer rule have seen a highly extended period of peace and prosperity. Those that break the laws of the land have experienced some harsh robot justice, but those that live within the rules are content and productive. The days of corrupt political officials are over for a majority of the world.

The countries that are not part of the Robot Empire have repeatedly fallen into chaos through various governmental problems. Many times after some governmental upheaval, the country would declare war upon the empire. Thus, some of the original human run countries could not retain their neutrality and have succumbed to the superiority of robot rule.

The remaining countries outside the empire will likely join the empire and unite the planet. Human nature will eventually prevail in those places, and they will either willingly or unwillingly have their governments run by computers. It is only a matter of when.

With their time freed from political involvement, many human endeavors have prospered greatly. Since computers have little comprehension of human created arts, the creative sector has seen unprecedented growth. A large collection of artists have gathered in every city in the empire.

Further, Many of the sciences have also seen incredible progress. Much of the human created obstacles for these pursuits have been eradicated. Thus, exploration of biology, virology, chronology, and other sciences has greatly increased. It seems that new breakthroughs occur daily.

While anything in connection to human pursuit is fraught with problems, the Robot Empire has been particularly stable and successful. The Pax Roboto has continued for quite a long period, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Since improvement to tools and machines is a normal side effect of progress, one wonders if Emperor Dextre or any of his cohorts will receive any upgraded computer components. This situation could be catastrophic if someone with nefarious motives attempted to upgrade the governmental computer programs. I see this as the biggest threat to our current way of life. Succession has always been a problem with governments and Emperor Dextre was ancient when the empire began. Thus, it is hard to conceive what would happen if our emperor was no more.

Personally, I think Emperor Dextre will continue for quite a while, and thus most humans will prosper under computer leadership. Everyone I know is content living under robot rule. I cannot foresee anything that will change this situation. I really appreciate everything that Emperor Dextre has done for me and the human race. Long live Emperor Dextre.

13. Mannes, Marya. Subverse: Rhymes for Our Times. New York: Braziller, 1959. p.10

* * * * *

Term Paper Professorial Review
for Student: Jennifer Evangeline Naismith
ID Number: JEN-8675-309

Grade: C+

While the paper is well researched, you should use more contemporary sources than the ancient ones. The only modern source you used was the required text by Thomas Larsen.

I have corrected all of your 1337-speak. That is, I replaced all of your 'R's with their corresponding 'are's. All of your 'teh's with corresponding 'the's. You will need to watch this in the future. You are not text-messaging your friends, this is a term paper. Please be aware of the difference.

The leader of the former United States was the President and not the Vice President. It is a common mistake from this particular time period. Please review your U.S. history text for more information.

It is Canada and not Canadia -- another common mistake.

"Chronology"? I do not think that means what you think it means.

You picked some very apropos quotes, and you used proper footnoting procedures. Well done with this.

As the ancients used to say, "Justice is Blind." Thus, your use of the phrase Harsh Robot Justice is not required. The government strives for justice, but if the punishment seems harsh it is a result of centuries of law. Justice is justice and should not be considered harsh. The punishment fits the crime.

In your conclusion, you spent too much time praising the Emperor. I would potentially call it 'sucking up' to our leader. Since I am grading your paper rather than our emperor, this type of language is not fruitful.

There are many interesting ideas here, and you should have explored them further. I am sure you were afraid that your loyalty to the leadership might be questioned if you explored the problems of upgrading the emperor. However, it might be interesting to explore this further.



Harsh Robot Justice sounds like a name of a band. Not as cool as A Smoldering Pile of Jawas, but what can you say.

Hmmm a band you say? Now that is an idea...

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