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Raid on the Island of the Dead

Chapter 4

By Dwayne MacInnes

Captain Jennings' blood froze in his veins as the wail sounded through the still night. Several of the men moved restlessly as the terrible cry having unnerved them. Many of the soldiers looked back towards Jennings for reassurance. The captain merely motioned for them to lie back down and remain silent.

It was not long after the inhuman wail died down that the scouts hurriedly returned to the raiders. Reynolds crawled over to where Jennings hid near some underbrush.

"Sergeant, is everything alright?" Jennings asked in a worried voice.

"Yeah, cap," the sergeant answered. "Everything's deserted. The fort's gates are shut, but there aren't any Krauts to be seen."

"Do you know what made that awful noise?"

"It weren't an alarm if that is what you are worried about. It came from the other side of the clearing. Damn near turned my blood to ice," Reynolds continued.

"Okay, get the men ready we are going to the fortress."

Opel Blitz

The fortress was the product of German pride. The thick stones for the walls and the heavy steel double doors of the gate came from the "Fatherland." It was painstakingly shipped and assembled here on this hilltop. A tattered red flag with a black swastika in a white circle danced in the breeze upon a metal flagpole.

The raiders met no resistance as they entered the compound. Even when they sent some men to scale the walls in order to open the heavy gate, there was not a soul to sound an alarm. Once the gates were open, the remaining raiders spilled in and the gates quickly closed behind them.

The men milled around the compound's courtyard. Discarded paper and a sundry of debris floated along the flagstones. There were a few motorcycles, a kubelwagen and even a stout Opel Blitz truck parked in the courtyard in front of the huge manor of the fortress. The towers resting atop the wall still housed new MG42 machineguns and the searchlights used for the defense of the fortress.

The fortress obviously appeared abandoned. However, Jennings did not take any chances. Sergeant Reynolds and the bulk of the raiders would stay in the courtyard taking up defensive positions while Jennings would take the remaining men to search through the manor.

The search of the manor was relatively uneventful. The small search party did not encounter any Germans or for that matter another living soul. The men moved methodically from room to room, up and down stairs, and through hallways unmolested.

Three of the rooms caught Jennings attention. The first was the generator room. After making sure nothing was booby-trapped and that everything was in working order, Jennings gave the order to start up the gasoline generator. In a flash of brilliance, the lights of the manor came to life.

The soldiers who were used to the dark had to cover their faces until their eyes adjusted. The party left in the courtyard felt a moment of dread. They feared that the Germans had appeared from their hiding places and were now bathing the courtyard in light to locate the raiders. A friendly "hello" from a window by one of the scouts put them at ease.

The second room of interest was the armory. Strangely enough, the door was unlocked and left ajar. Though much of the stores were missing, there remained a substantial amount of weapons and munitions. The Germans evidently were prepared to defend their small island from all invaders.

The third room of interest puzzled Captain Jennings. The steel door refused to budge apparently locked from the other side. The small embrasure also resisted any attempt at opening it from this side. However, the most intriguing part about the door was the single word hastily painted upon it in crude lettering.

"Say Captain, what do you suppose ‘untoten' means?" Private Williams asked.

Jennings' German was good, however he did not ever recall coming across this word before. The captain stared at it for a while before giving up. He shook his head. "I don't really know," he replied after a long silence. "The root ‘tot' means dead."

"Ah, man. You think we found their morgue?" Quaid asked further down the hall his M-1 ready for action.

"Only one way to find out, let's get some explosive from the armory. We'll blow the door down," Jennings said leading the men back towards the armory. "Driscoll you better get to the sergeant and inform him we are going to be making some noise here."

* * * * *

In a matter of minutes, Jennings had expertly place the explosives. In a cloud of flame and smoke, the door flew off its hinges. As the thunder echoed down the hall, the soldiers uncovered their ears and slowly approached smoke-filled opening. The captain halted the curious men and motioned for them to have the weapons ready.

Leading the way Captain Jennings poked his head into the now open and still cloudy room with his Tommy gun ready for action. He coughed a couple of times and waved the smoke and dust away from his face with his free hand until enough of the air cleared to grant him an unobstructed view. There in the middle of what appeared to be a laboratory with cluttered tables full of jars and test tubes lay the body of a man in a lab coat.

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Iapetus Saves Albuquerque

Chapter Eight

By Douglas E. Gogerty

The Sletfernian Sand Monster continued its rampage through the streets of Santa Fe. It slowly made its way towards the center of town, but it would occasionally wander off in one direction or another to destroy a building or two. In this way, it left a serpentine shaped trail of destruction as it headed northeast.

In the military Humvee, Captain Cheever and Dr. Plate left the destruction behind and made their way to the makeshift military command post. There was soldiers running around. It appeared everyone was on high alert.

"Wait here!" commanded Captain Cheever as he exited the vehicle.

Captain Cheever marched directly to the command tent. The guard informed him that the general was waiting for him, so he entered right away. He removed his cap, and stood at attention before the general.

"The cybernetic weapon is on the move captain," explained the general.

"Are we switching to plan Charlie?" asked Captain Cheever.

"The evacuation of Albuquerque has begun. It is a logical conclusion that the two alien controlled monsters will rendezvous west of the city. We need you to fly over the area for some recon before they meet."

"General sir, I have a civilian with me. What should I do with him?"

"How did that happen?"

"He was in harms way. He is some sort of astronomer and was observing the monster at an unsafe distance."

"Very good Captain -- I will have my adjutant take care of him."

"Thank you sir."

"Captain Cheever you must know that we do not have much time. With the machine on the move, it'll be just a matter of hours before it arrives at the arranged spot. It is vital that we have a major presence there when the two meet."

"Excuse me General," interrupted the general's adjutant.

"What is it?" replied the general.

"The sand creature has ceased its destruction and has headed south," the adjutant replied.

"Thank you," he replied before turning back to Captain Cheever. "That changes things -- take your vehicle and just attempt to stay ahead of the creature. Make regular reports, and we'll just have to best guess the rendezvous location. Dismissed"

"Understood," replied Captain Cheever as he turned and exited the command post.

Captain Cheever ran to his Humvee and got into the driver's seat. He notice that the passenger seat was empty, so he sped off. He drove towards the city until he spotted the monster. He then turned south on highway 14.

He drove for a few minutes and turned his head to check on the monster. He spotted Dr. Plate hiding in the back. He felt the urge to stop middle of the road, but he resisted. Speed was of the utmost importance, and he would not have time to secure the civilian.

"Dr. Plate what the -- uh -- um -- what are you doing in here?"

"I thought you would leave me behind."

"That is exactly what should have happened -- for your own safety."

"No offense Captain Cheever, but I would not have been involved in that decision."

"It is too late to argue with you; however, please secure yourself. The roads we are probably going to take are going to be a bit rough."

"Captain Cheever do you read? Over," came a voice over the radio.

"Cheever here. Over."

"Captain, we have been unable to locate your civilian. Over."

"Roger that. He hid in my hummer. He is with me. Over."

"Roger that. How will you continue? Over."

"There is no time to drop him off. He will continue with me on my mission. Over."

"Roger that. I'll inform the general. Over."

"Roger that. The sand monster is heading due south. Perhaps to Stanley or Moriarty. Over."

"Roger that. Keep us informed. Over."

"Roger. Over and out."

"Over and out."

Dr. Plate crawled his way into the front seat and fastened himself in. The roads between Albuquerque and Santa Fe were closed by the military; thus, there was no traffic on this road. The military vehicle went as fast as it could go.

The two men attempted to keep their eyes out for the monster as they raced south. At times, the giant sand monster would simply disappear. They would continue driving, and the monster would suddenly reappear out of nowhere. It was almost as if it would dive into the sand, and jump out when it encountered a rock.

Both the military vehicle and the monster were moving quickly south. State Highway 14 would begin to head southwest towards Albuquerque, and the two men needed to keep heading south. Thus, they turned off at County Road 42.

The status of this road was uncertain. It had several residential roads leading to it, and it was possible that there may be some local traffic upon it. This would slow the men down.

More importantly, the current route of the monster crossed the road ahead of the two men. If they hit that spot at the same time as the monster, they would certainly be in big trouble. If they hit the spot after the monster, it may tear up the road making it difficult for even this all terrain vehicle from passing through.

As the monster headed south, the two men in the military vehicle headed west as fast as they could. They kept their eyes out for other vehicles on the road as they raced towards the anticipated crossing point. The monster would appear and disappear, but it seemed to get closer and closer.

The road turned south again right before the intersecting point and then returned west. The monster was getting closer and closer. Just as the two men passed the spot, the sand monster appeared and tore up the road. In fact, it lingered briefly at the spot as if to prevent any other vehicles from passing.

The sand monster traveled south for a brief time and then vanished. The men kept to the road which headed west-southwest. The monster was ahead of them now as it did not have to follow the roads. The two men had to continue on the county road until they hit another state highway heading south.

However, since the road was a few miles from the path of the monster, they could still keep an eye out for it without another encounter. Also, the monster would not demolish this road.

The monster spent less and less time visible as it continued south. The men raced as fast as they could and last spotted the beast just west of the New Mexican town of Moriarty before it disappeared into a sand pit.

Captain Cheever reported the last known position of the monster when he spotted a rental car driving around the sand pit. He stopped the car and confronted the two men. They alerted him to the approaching menace. Something big was about to happen at that spot.

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Raid on the Island of the Dead

Chapter 5

By Dwayne MacInnes

The smell of the decomposing body in the tropically warm room was staggering. Covering his nose and mouth with a cloth, Captain Jennings entered the laboratory. He knelt down and examined the body after waving away the thick swarm flies feasting on the corpse.

A syringe resting in the remains of the corpse's right hand and the rolled up sleeve on the left arm left no doubt on how this man died. It was obviously self-inflicted. Why this man wanted to kill himself Jennings had no clue.

Finished with his examination the captain started a cursory search of the large lab. There were biological diagrams of the human body plastered on the labs walls. On a blackboard against one wall were notes scribbled in barely legible German. Against the wall opposite the entranceway the soldiers just blasted were three sets of doors.

Captain Jennings opened the first door and discovered the lab's closet. Shelves lined the walls storing various chemicals, solutions, and scientific equipment. The captain dragged the dead German into the closet and closed the door.

The soldiers waiting outside also covered their noses and tentatively entered the lab. They moved around looking at the diagrams, studying the Bunsen burners and lab equipment, and puzzled over the German writings on the blackboard. They were all careful not to touch anything.

Jennings tried the second door which led to a large white room. The porcelain tiled room contained hospital beds lined up in neat rows. Each bed had leather restraining straps dangling from their sides. Dark bloodstains covered every bed sheet.

Large gray metal cabinets lined a far wall where a desk and chair resided. Captain Jennings moved over to the desk and searched through the papers scattered upon its surface. The German papers contained mostly formulas and the like and the captain could comprehend little of it.

The drawers contain several notebooks and journals. Jennings quickly paged through them to find something -- anything that may give him a clue as to what once transpired in the laboratory. Like the papers on the desk, most dealt with formulas and theories that meant little to Jennings.

However, in one locked drawer, which the captain was able to force open, he discovered a black journal. It belonged to the head scientist -- a Doctor Friedrich von Jutt. Jennings stashed it away in his rucksack for later research.

The captain was about to search the metal cabinets when he heard one of his men call out, "Hey cap, you got to look at this!"

Jennings rushed out of the white room back into the lab. He found the soldiers huddled around the third door. They were in hushed conversation as they felt and knocked on the heavy steel door.

"What is it?" Captain Jennings asked.

Private Pike turned towards the captain and pointed towards the thick door reinforced with thick rivets. "Looks like they didn't want anyone to get in," the private said. "Look, it's as reinforced as the front gates and it has been welded shut."

Jennings noticed that the seams of the door had indeed been welded shut from this side of the room. As the captain moved closer for inspection the men pulled back to give him room.

"Cap?" Private Williams asked. "What kind of bunker is an unterseeboot?"

Jennings looked at the small metal plate the private indicated and noticed that it did say ‘unterseeboot-bunker'.

"That's a U-boat you idiot," Pike replied.

"Looks like the Jerries had themselves an underground submarine pen," Captain Jennings said. "It also looks like they did not what anyone to follow them."

"Should we check it out?" Quaid asked. "We still have plenty of explosives in the armory."

"No, we have what we need here," replied Jennings. "Plus, I doubt there would be anything of interest down there anyway. I'm sure the Jerries have already left in their U-boat."

* * * * *

Feeling that the manor was secure, Jennings divided the men into shifts. Those on duty manned the towers and worked on the vehicles to make sure they were operational. Those not working a shift either slept or explored the manor. The only area off limits was the lab where Captain Jennings set up shop.

Lieutenant Brodin entered the lab where the captain was reclining in a chair reading the black journal. The smell of death hung in the muggy air and the ANZAC chaplain had to fight against his retching stomach.

"You wanted to see me," the chaplain choked out.

Jennings deep in the book jerked up and focused on Brodin. "Sorry, I guess I was a little to caught up in my research." The captain motioned the chaplain over to a chair next to where he was sitting. "I've come across some interesting details about what our friends were doing on this rock.

"The man we found here was a certain Doctor Friedrich von Jutt. Ever hear of him?" The chaplain shook is head as he settled down in the wooden chair. "The Germans themselves call him Todesengel, or the Angel of Death. Evidently, he was working on a project called the ‘Uber-soldat' or Super-soldier."

The chaplain rested his chin on his steepled fingers while he listened to Jennings narrative. Brodin did not know if the captain was confessing something or just needed someone in which to confide his findings. Either way listening came with the job.

"Do you know much about the Japs?" Jennings asked.

"Some," Brodin responded. "Being a missionary in the South Pacific has given me some background into the Japanese. I have even picked up some of the language."

"Good," Jennings nodded. "I will need your help with some things here. I've been reading von Jutt's journal and it looks like the Jerries have had some help from the Japs.

"Apparently, the Japanese were cooperating in the Uber-soldat formula research. Have you ever heard of...?" Jennings flipped back a few pages in the journal until he found the passage he was looking for. "Ah, here it is. Have you ever heard of the Kempeitai Political Department and Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory?"

Lieutenant Brodin almost fell out of his chair on hearing the name, "My God!" the chaplain blanched, "Unit 731!"

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Coming soon to the Children's museum of Minnesota -- an interactive RNC exhibit!


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Iapetus Saves Albuquerque

Chapter Nine

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Dr. Maland and the Iapetian storyteller turned to see what Captain Cheever saw. They saw Cyber-Iapetus coming their way. It moved much more confidently now. However, behind the mechanical monster something was stirring up some very large clouds of dust..

After Captain Cheever finished reporting to his superiors, he returned to rental car to speak to Dr. Maland and his passenger.

"You gentlemen will want to follow me," he told them without giving them a chance to respond.

He ran back to his Humvee and drove away from the sandpit. He turned north and drove quickly away from the scene. At first, Dr. Maland was not going to follow; however, he changed his mind and headed north.

After a few moments, the roar of jets became quite clear in the sky. Suddenly the sandpit began exploding. A wave of B-52 bombers dropped several smart bombs into the position indicated by Captain Cheever. Even at the distance Dr. Maland had traveled, the explosions became deafening.

Looking around, Dr. Maland saw some military hardware rolling towards the pit. Tanks and rocket launchers had left Albuquerque and now surrounded the pit. They sat there awaiting the arrival of Cyber-Iapetus.

When the mechanical weapon neared the sandpit, the missile launchers released a wave of missiles. All the missiles struck their target and exploded. The Iapetian protector was engulfed in a huge fireball. However, it continued to make its way to the sandpit. The first wave had no effect.

The tanks began firing and a second wave of missiles were launched. The attacks did not slow down the giant mechanical weapon. For some reason, its weapon systems remained silent. Cyber-Iapetus did not return fire.

Suddenly, the Sletfernian Sand Monster arose out of the sandpit. As the tanks began firing a second round at Cyber-Iapetus, it attacked the military hardware. Some of the tanks and missile launchers became a tangle as the sand monster attacked. Cyber-Iapetus continued its way to the rendezvous.

A few of the tanks retreated but maintained firing at their targets. The shells passed right through the sand monster and they had no effect on Cyber-Iapetus. Nonetheless, they maintained their assault.

After a few moments, Cyber-Iapetus joined the sand monster in attacking the military hardware at the outskirts of the sandpit. It did not use its advanced weaponry, but simply kicked and swung at the hardware. Some of the tanks and rocket launchers made a retreated further.

Again, the roar of jets became clear as another wave of B-52's flew overhead. The tangle of some military hardware and the two monsters became engulfed in an exploding fireball. The intense heat made its way to the location where the 4 men observed the battle.

As the smoke cleared, the sand monster and Cyber-Iapetus kicked themselves free of the tangle of red hot metal, and headed towards Albuquerque. The retreating tanks and rocket launchers set off another barrage which, like every other attack, had no effect. The only damage was done to the surrounding area and the tangled pile of smoldering metal that was once some expensive military hardware.

It appeared that the aliens had not quite mastered the complete workings of Cyber-Iapetus. In the march to the sandpit, they worked on motion controls. They would need to work on weapon system controls if they wanted to successfully annihilate the major metropolitan areas of earth.

Thus, they began testing the weapon systems on the retreating military vehicles. First, the machine gun installed into Cyber-Iapetus's shoulders open fire. The spray of bullets went wildly all over the place. Eventually, the aliens figured out what was happening and successfully targeted a tank.

The other weapons systems were more complicated. They managed to get the laser to target something, but they expected it to do the damage. However, eventually they learned that it was a targeting system for the missiles. Thus, they sent several missiles at several targets.

The sand monster was getting bored of watching, and it jumped into destructive mode. It smashed up a few rocket launchers that launched their last group of missiles to no effect.

Finally, Cyber-Iapetus opened up its mouth and used its fire weapon. The sand monster was damaged in this attack as some of its sand particles fused together. It quickly headed back to the sand pit. It disappeared into the pit. It shook off the glass and replenished it supply of sand.

With the slow going, another wave of B-52's was able to drop another load of bombs on the pair of alien controlled monsters. This wave was as effective as the previous loads. However, it did slow them down slightly.

This allowed the A-10's from Tuscon Arizona to finally make an appearance. The agile tank killers fired their depleted uranium rounds at the pair. The armor piercing round had no effect upon the sand monster. However, they put some dents into the thick armor of Cyber-Iapetus. Other than that, they did little damage.

The maverick missiles and the other armament on the tank killing aircraft had little impact upon the pair. Cyber-Iapetus attempted to use its missiles against the jet airplanes; however, it could not keep its lasers upon the flying machines. Thus, those missiles flew off harmlessly.

The giant mechanical monster also attempted to use its other weapons, but they could not hit the agile A-10's. After a few more passes firing at the pair, the A-10's broke off their attack and headed home.

The four men looked on in dismay as the alien partnered giant monsters easily withstood the attacks of the U.S. Military. It looked like they would be able to reach Albuquerque without hindrance. It looked like destruction was imminent.

The cloud of dust in the distance was now much closer. Whatever caused it was moving rapidly towards the two monsters. The one cloud was clearly two at that distance. Something major was about to happen.

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Raid on the Island of the Dead

Chapter 6

By Dwayne MacInnes

"So you have heard of them," Captain Jennings said. "I take it they are bad news."

Chaplain Brodin nodded as he reseated himself. "You know the stories about Germany and their experiments on humans."

Now it was Captain Jennings turn to nod his head, "I've interviewed survivors. I can tell you they are not stories."

"Well, Unit 731 makes the Nazis look like Boy Scouts," the chaplain continued. "I had several missionary friends in Manchuria when the Japs invaded as well as in Nanking. The acts of the Japanese soldiers themselves were cruel and inhumane.

"However, it is pure unadaltered evil what Unit 731 practiced. The stories will make even your blood run cold." Brodin stopped and waved his hand to forstall any questions Jennings may want to ask. His head slumped down to his chest as he focused on the floor for a couple minutes before resuming his conversation in a low voice. "Captain, if the Japanese sent some support help here from Unit 731 there was something dark and terrible going on here indeed."

Jennings set the journal down on a lab table as he rose from his chair. "Father, I found this in a cabinet." Jennings picked up a film canister and prodeeded to open it. "I haven't watched this yet so I do not know what it contains. Unfortunately, the only writing is in Japanese can you read it?"

Brodin stood up and walked over to the film canister's lid. The chaplin glanced at it and nodded his head. "It simply says 'Log'".

Captain Jennings was busy feeding the film into a nearby projector aimed at a clean white bed sheet pinned to the opposite wall. Jennings stopped in midmotion when he heard the chaplain.

"Log?" Jennings asked. "I don't get it. Like a journal, or like wood?"

Brodin returned to his chair again and looked mournfully at the captain. "Like what the Japanese refer to their Chinese victims."

"I'm going to see what is on this film. I believe it will be pretty gruesome. Maybe you should leave."

Brodin shook his head, "No captain. I don't think you should see this alone."

Brodin turned his chair so that he could see the bed sheet better. Captain Jennings walked over to the wall and flipped off the lights before returning to the projector. With the flip of a switch the machine hummed to life as the black and white images played upon the sheet.

The silent flickering motion picture showed Doctor von Jutt with some Japanese doctors strapping a young nude native woman to a bed. Jennings instantly recognized the room as the one with the porcelain tiles.

The girl struggled fiercely against her captors, however there were too many of them and they easily confined her to the bed. Still fighting against her restraints, von Jutt plunged a syringe into a glass vial. He slowly withdrew the amount of liquid he desired and then pulled out the needle. A slight stream of liquid shot into the air as von Jutt removed the air from the syringe.

Turning his back towards the camera the doctor approached the flailing girl on the bed. Two of the Japanese assistants restrained an arm as von Jutt submerged the needle into the girl. He emptied the contents of the syringe into her bloodstream.

The camera panned up towards a clock showing it was ten minutes after twelve before cutting to black. The film resumed with the camera again showing the clock however this time it was now two-thirty. The cameraman moved the camera down towards von Jutt who motioned towards the native girl.

Even in the black and white film Jennings and Brodin could see that the girl lie motionless in death. Jennings did not get it. How was there anything new in poisoning a girl. The camera zoomed in on the girl as she lay rigid in death and worked its way towards her face.

"Captain Jennings!" Sergeant Reynolds shouted as he burst into the room.

Jennings instinctively shut off the projector and walked towards the wall to turn the lights back on.

"What is it sergeant?" Jennings inquired blinking as the light came to life.

"There is a native approaching the gate," Reynolds said. "Maybe Lieutenant Brodin would like to talk to him."

Brodin stood up blinking as his eyes readjusted to the light. "Indeed I would, mate."

The three men made their way out to the compound. The sun was high in the clear blue sky. Jennings looked at his watch it was one o'clock. He did not realize he had been up so long working on the doctor's journal.

All of the soldiers now lined the wall near the gate curiously peering down upon the native. Jennings, Brodin, and Reynolds soon were beside them also looking down on the newcomer.

Brodin started speaking to the native in a strange tongue. The native only stood there with his mouth agape. Brodin shouted towards the man louder. This time the native moved in a jerking fashion and looked up towards the chaplain with film covered eyes.

"My God, he's in rough shape," Corporal Vanders said. "The man is literally falling apart."

"He must have leprosy," Brodin replied. "Captain Jennings, I need to go out and speak to him personally. He may think we are Nazis."

Jennings gave the order for the men to open the gates wide enough for Brodin to exit. The chaplain quickly squeezed through the narrow opening and approached the native with his arms out and palms up in a gesture of greeting.

Again Brodin spoke to the man in his native tongue. The native shuffled over towards Brodin and reached out his arms. Once he was within range the native grabbed Brodin's arm and pulled him close.

Before the chaplain could react the native raised Brodin's hand to his face and bit down hard into it. The chaplain screamed in pain as his blood covered the native's face.

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At Chris's Invincible Super-Blog, Chris wanted to see Batman with deadly nunchucks made from something that you wouldn't normally see as nunchucks. What better deadly force to use than the atomic fire-breathing "King of Monsters" and his mechanical counterpart?

Thus, in honor of our 400th entry, I give you Batman and his Kaiju-chucks

Batman and his Kaiju-chucks

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Iapetus Saves Albuquerque

Chapter Ten

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Captain Cheever got out of his Humvee which signaled to the other three men that they could also. Noted astronomer Philadelphia Plate went over to anthropology professor Dr. John Maland and introduced himself. Dr. Maland was often recognized from his adventures with Iapetus.

Dr. Maland introduced the men to the Iapetian Storyteller, and all four men exchanged pleasantries. When that was finished, they turned to watch as the dust cloud got between Albuquerque and the two alien controlled giant monsters.

Cyber-Iapetus and the Sletfernian Sand Monster watched curiously as the huge cloud approached. Eventually the dust cleared. Iapetus and his son stood between the two monsters and the large New Mexican city. All four monsters stood there briefly.

The son of Iapetus stood across from the sand monster, and Iapetus stood in front of his cybernetic counterpart. The four monsters stood motionless. They each looked at their counter-parts and sized them up. Everyone was waiting for someone or something to make the first move.

Eventually, Cyber-Iapetus raised his arm to fire some missiles at the son of Iapetus. However, before it could launch them, Iapetus rushed the mechanical monster. He pushed its arm straight up, and attempted to push the mechanical beast to the ground. However, Cyber-Iapetus's tail prevented that from happening.

The machine gun doors of the mechanical beast opened up, and Iapetus released his grip to dodge the hail of bullets. He pushed the mechanical beast away, and jumped to his right away from his son who was maintaining the stand-off with the sand monster.

Cyber-Iapetus twisted and turned spraying bullets all over the place but not hitting anything. However, with the separation, it managed to place its laser on Iapetus head and launch a couple of missiles. The agile monster ducked and the missiles flew off harmlessly. Learning from this mistake, the aliens targeted Iapetus's torso with the laser. The next series of missiles struck Iapetus in the ribs and exploded.

While the missiles struck their target, they did little damage to the ancient monster. He let out a Is that all you got? roar, and rushed the mechanical monster. The aliens controlling Cyber-Iapetus clumsily attempted to swing the mechanical tail at the rushing monster but were too late. Iapetus tackled his mechanical counterpart and the two fell in a heap on the ground.

With Iapetus on top, he punched at the mechanical monster. Some spots were weakened by the A-10 machine gun fire, and Iapetus found a few of these spots making the dents more pronounced. The aliens attempted to get Cyber-Iapetus out of this predicament, but did not have enough experience with the controls of the weapon system.

Suddenly, the huge mechanical monster became motionless. This action startled Iapetus; however, he continued to pound on the vulnerable dented spots on the machines armor. The seconds seemed to drag on as the mechanical beast did not do anything to resist the attacks.

Suddenly, Iapetus was thrown off the mechanical beast. With a brief mechanical roar, it sprayed its flames at the now flying beast. Iapetus landed with a start but shook off the intense heat. However, the mechanical beast moved onto its next attack. It launched several series of missiles at Iapetus. Each set hitting its mark.

As Iapetus tried to dodge the incoming missiles, the mechanical protector was already moving onto its next attack. It was clear that the mechanical beast was no longer being controlled by the aliens. It had switched into auto-protect mode. The computer would determine the moves at a much faster speed than the aliens. Cyber-Iapetus was now a much more dangerous foe.

The missiles were followed by a hail of bullets from the shoulder machine guns. Iapetus was not quick enough to dodge the series of attacks. All of them hit their marks. Several spots on the thick hide of the ancient monster began to change color. They had not penetrated yet, but they were weakening some spots.

The bullets were followed by another flame attack from Cyber-Iapetus's open mouth. Iapetus once again withstood the intense heat, and swept the feet out from under the mechanical beast with his tail.

The stumbling monster gave Iapetus a brief respite from the series of attacks. However, they quickly returned with a launch of missiles. When the missiles launched, Iapetus rushed at the mechanical beast. He grabbed the mechanical beast, and with a twist of his back turned the monster around.

The missiles struck their originator rather than their target. However, they did not do any damage to the thick armor. Nonetheless, they did heat up the metal skin of the weapon system. The heat stung Iapetus's hands and he had to let his grip go.

Cyber-Iapetus swung a couple of round house punches to Iapetus's ribs. One of the punches hit a soft spot, and he cringed at the pain shooting through his body. The anguish grew as Cyber-Iapetus swung his tail and hit the same spot. Iapetus roared in pain as he fell to the ground.

While the giant lizard writhed in pain on the ground, his mechanical foe ran to him. It attempted to kick him in the soft spot in his ribs, but Iapetus rolled to away and was on his feet in one swift move. The two stood face to face attempting to determine their next move.

Meanwhile, the son of Iapetus and the Sletfernian Sand Monster continued to size each other up. At first the pair just stood there. They eventually began to move in a circle. Each one waiting for the other to make the first move. Neither one was willing to commit to an attack.

The concerned father glanced over to see was going on with his son. The aliens saw this maneuver and attempted to get the sand monster to fight. However, they did not have that much control over the monster. Thus, they could not force an attack on the young monster.

After a few moments of trying, the aliens switched their plan of attack. They attempted to regain control of the cybernetic weapon system. If they could get it to attack the young monster, perhaps all the monsters would engage in battle.

They struggled against the controls, but with a stutter in the weapons movement, they gained control. With all the subtlety they could muster, they were able to fire a single missile at the young monster. The young monster casually brushed the missile aside and it exploded on the ground doing no damage.

The four monsters were again motionless waiting for the next move. The machine gun doors were open, but not firing. Iapetus, sensing that the mechanical weapon system was once again being controlled by the aliens, made a sudden attack. Cyber-Iapetus open fire.

The bullets sprayed randomly. However, the charge by Iapetus caused the bullets to spray towards his son. A few of the bullets struck the young beast as it cried in pain. Suddenly, all four monsters were fighting.

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Raid on the Island of the Dead

Chapter 7

By Dwayne MacInnes

Brodin jerked his wounded hand from the native's bloody mouth. Before the chaplain could turn and rush back to the gate the native again grabbed ahold of Brodin trying to take another bite.

A sharp crack split the air as the native fell backwards. Brodin broke free of the native's grasp and rushed back to the gates only briefly looking over his shoulder to see the man lying dead with a single bullet wound in his forehead. The heavy steel doors slammed shut behind Brodin.

Once behind the security of the fortress' walls Brodin inspected his wounded hand. Other than a hunk of skin being bitten off, the chaplain's left hand was relatively intact. The blood flowing freely from the wound poured down Brodin's green uniform sleeve turning it black.

Corporal Vanders rushed up to the chaplain with his medkit ready. Brodin winced as Vanders cleaned the wound and applied a bandage. The blood oozed through the compress and wrappings the corporal hastily applied.

"You may want to hold your had above your heart to help ease the flow of blood," the corporal offered.

"Thanks," was all the chaplain could say. His legs started to shake as the adrenaline started to wear off.

"Sorry Father," Reynolds called out as he decended the stairs from the wall with smoke still whisping out of muzzle of the M-1 the sergeant borrowed from a nearby soldier. "That man must have been crazy. Do you think he had leprosy?"

"No doubt about it sarge," Vanders replied. "That man stinks like the dead. Must have cooked his brain too -- for him to attack the padre like that."

Brodin sat down upon an empty wooden crate near the gate. He looked down upon his wounded hand. The burning sensation of the antiseptic still pulsated in his hand. Slowly the chaplain started to recover and looked around at the soldiers looking down upon him from the walls of the fortress.

Captain Jennings ran over and put his hand upon the chaplain's shoulder. "Don't blame the sergeant for killing the native. He did so on my orders."

Brodin nodded his head and looked up at the sergeant. "Thanks," was again all the chaplain said. Brodin finally regained his feet and walked over to Reynolds. "You very well may have saved my life. Don't feel bad, mate. It's like the corporal said, the leprosy must have affected his brain."

"Sarge! Cap!," Private Driscoll cried from the wall. "You better get up here!"

Jennings and Reynolds ascended the stone steps to the wall rapidly. They could not but help notice that every soldier on the wall was leaning over its side and pointing out towards the jungle.

Captain Jennings looked out towards where Private Driscoll was indicating. At the base of the hill on the verge of the thick junglescape several human forms appeared out of the foliage. It was obvious to everyone that they were natives and they were all heading towards the fort.

There must have been hundreds of them emerging from the jungle. All walked in a slow stiff shuffle. Some had their arms raised out towards the stone walls of the fort as if they wanted to embrace the German structure.

"They are walking pretty strange, sir," Williams noted. "What do you think is wrong with..."

Before the private could finish his sentence the wind briefly changed, and it blew a foul stench of decay over the fort. It was emanating from the islanders. In that brief moment, several of the raiders again battled with their stomachs to keep its contents in place. A few lost the battle.

Reynolds holding his nose turned towards the captain. "Sir, that is the smell we encountered last night."

Captain Jennings only nodded as he kept his jaws clempt tight in an effort to force the bile raising in his throat back to his stomach.

Again the wind mercifully returned to its original course washing the air clean of the foul odor. Some of the soldiers regained their feet. Holding their noses, others were wiping the remains of vomit off their faces. All were as pale as a newly washed bed sheet.

Lieutenant Brodin still holding his wounded hand stepped up beside the captain looking briefly at the mass of decrepit humanity ascending the hill towards the fortress. The chaplain's face turned a deep red and a vein started to pulsate on his temple.

"They did it!" Brodin yelled losing his temper. "Those yellow bastards did it!"

Captain Jennings spun the chaplain towards him so that they could look at each other face to face.

"What are you talking about?" the captain asked.

Brodin thrust his arm out towards the natives shuffling up the hill. "The Japs must have created a new highly contagious form of leprosy and infected the natives!"

"That doesn't make sense," Captain Jennings said more to himself than to the chaplain.

"Nothing those sadistic bastards from Unit 731 makes sense," the chaplain shot back.

"No, I mean why come up with a new disease when their goal was to develop some kind of super-soldier?" Jennings replied still working out his thought process.

"Cap, what are your orders?" Sergeant Reynolds interrupted.

Jennings looked back down towards the growing crowd of natives making their way towards the fortress. "As long as we are in here they don't pose a threat. We'll try and speak to them when they approach closer. One of them has to be coherant enough to communicate with us."

The sergeant started pulling men from the wall and prodding them back to their duties. Those off duty went back to spend what little leisure time they had remaining before it was their time to relieve those on duty.

Jennings finally calmed the fuming chaplain down. Brodin descended the stairs towards the courtyard rubbing his wounded hand in agitation. The captain just remained on the wall trying to puzzle out why the Japs would infect the island with leprosy. Maybe it was some form of cruel revenge in retaliation for the failure of discovering the Uber-soldat formula the captain reasoned.

After a couple of more minutes of deep thinking Captain Jennings also returned to the courtyard to find the chaplain. He passed a soldier smoking a cigarette and reading a pulp-magazine that the raider brought along to help him relax.

The captain smiled as he glanced at the cover of the magazine. An illustrator had drawn and painted for the cover a ghastly ghoul reaching out towards the reader with the story's title emblazoned in blood underneath the macabre picture.

Jennings was in mid-chuckle when a memory came rushing back. A deep frown of horror struck his face as he started running back towards the manor.

The chaplain felt the captain brush by him in a hurry. "What is it?" Brodin yelled towards the captain's back.

"If I'm right they do not have leprosy!" Jennings yelled over his shoulder before entering the stone manor.

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Iepetus Saves Albuquerque

Chapter Eleven

By Douglas E Gogerty

With the four men watching from a distance, the son of Iapetus was swinging his tail wildly at the Sletfernian Sand Monster. This attack was having no effect upon the monster made of sand. His tail simply passed right through.

On the other hand, the sand monster was landing occasional blows to the young monster. These blows did not do much damage to the novice fighter, but they were frustrating the youngster by not being able to strike back.

The sand monster began putting more power into its attacks. One of the attacks knocked the young monster to the ground. While he was on the ground the sand monster jumped upon him and stepped up its attacks.

Several of the alien rocks were holding the young monster on the ground while others looked for vulnerable spots. The blows landed here and there on the midsection of the young monster who struggled to find away to counter the attacks.

Although Iapetus would have liked to help his son, he had to worry about Cyber-Iapetus. Since the aliens retook control of the mechanical beast, its attacks were not as coordinated. However, it was still a formidable foe.

The aliens placed the laser on the son of Iapetus and attempted to fire some missiles. However, the slow clumsy motion gave away its intention and Iapetus grabbed the hand of the mechanical monster. The missiles launched but exploded in the hand of the weapon system. Iapetus removed his hand and shook it. That move stung his own hand as well.

This explosion caused a cascade effect as fire erupted from the hand. Several of the missiles exploded and shot flames out of the former hand of Cyber-Iapetus. Once again the weapon system paused. The fire was quickly put out, and the auto-protect mode was activated.

A series of missiles came from the remaining good hand. Iapetus stepped away from his son to prevent him from being struck by stray attacks. Meanwhile, the cybernetic weapon system used its shoulder machine guns for its next attack.

Iapetus kept rolling away from his son as the hail of bullets followed. Cyber-Iapetus opened his mouth and sprayed fire at the rolling monster. The scrub caught fire, but there was not enough to burn for long.

Iapetus stopped his defensive maneuver when Cyber-Iapetus's back was towards his son. At this point, he charged the mechanical weapon. The machine swiped its tail at the rushing beast, but Iapetus jumped over the swinging tail. With another jump, he placed both feet onto his opponent's side in a successful drop kick.

The weapon system tumbled to the ground as Iapetus used his tail to retain his feet. Before his foe could regain its footing, Iapetus had picked up a large rock and threw it at the weapon system. Iapetus grabbed as many rocks as he could find and threw them at the reclining weapon system.

The rocks hit their target, but were no match for the heavily armored weapon system. Cyber-Iapetus managed to get its footing and knocked the final rocks easily aside. It opened its mouth and sprayed flames at Iapetus.

Slowly, Iapetus backed away from the flaming maw of his foe. He was drawing the mechanical weapon system further from his son battling the sand monster. Cyber-Iapetus advanced towards his retreating foe still spewing fire. The fire stopped without warning, and a volley of missiles headed towards the still retreating monster.

Several more missiles were launched from the good hand of the mechanical beast. Each hit their mark and Iapetus roared in pain as one hit a sensitive part of his side. A return roar came from his son who was still pinned beneath the sand monster. However, Iapetus could not come to the aid of his son at this point as he was receiving a series of attacks from the mechanical weapon system.

"Let's go!" shouted astronomer Philadelphia Plate.

"Go where?" asked Captain Cheever.

"I know the vulnerability of the sand monster," replied Dr. Plate.

"And just how are you going to communicate with the lizard monster?" asked the captain.

"I can communicate with him," replied the Iapetian Storyteller.

"It is out of the question. It is too dangerous," replied Captain Cheever.

"Hop in my car," replied Dr. Maland. "I'll take you down there."

"Hold on you...." barked Captain Cheever.

"Those two 'lizard monsters' as you call them," interrupted the storyteller. "They are here to help. If we can help them, we are helping ourselves."

"But..." started Captain Cheever.

"Times wasting!" stated Dr. Maland.

"Now hold on!" shouted Captain Cheever. "My vehicle is much safer than that rental car. I'll take you down there."

The four men jumped into the rental car and the military Humvee drove close to where the sand monster had pinned the son of Iapetus to the ground. Captain Cheever remained in the vehicle as the other three jumped out.

Dr. Plate pointed at the dark patches inside the cloud of sand that made up the monster.

"See those dark rocks there?" asked the astronomer.

"Yes," they both replied.

"They fell to earth and created craters in the desert. Once they all landed in the sand, they gathered themselves up into the sand monster."

"Why did it go to Santa Fe?" asked Dr. Maland.

"One of those meteoroids was taken there by some kid. My guess is that the monster needs all of them to function. Thus, it had to retrieve the missing part from Santa Fe."

"So, if our young protector concentrated his attack on those meteoroids..." the storyteller said thoughtfully.

"Exactly!" replied Dr. Plate. "He could actually inflict damage..."

Before Dr. Plate could finish his sentence the young monster had grabbed two rocks from the interior of the sand monster. With one in each hand, he smacked the two together. The sand monster let out some sort of high pitched whine.

The young monster continued to bang the two rocks together. The sand monster used others in an attempt to get him to stop. It was clear that the monster was in pain. It released its hold on the monster and concentrated on stopping the action of the young monster.

The son of Iapetus threw one of the rocks into the pile of rocks his father made, and grabbed another one. He began striking these two rocks together. After a few strikes he threw that rock in the opposite direction.

The sand monster continued to pound the young monster with all his might. However, with each action it became weaker and weaker. The young Iapetian protector continued to strike the meteoroids together and tossing a new one away.

Eventually, the original stone, which he retained, crumbled into pieces in his hand. The monster's whine became nearly deafening, but it could no longer control the sand and it fell into a large dune.

Just to be sure, the son of Iapetus smashed a few more rocks into dust. He had successfully defeated his first major foe. However, his father was still struggling with the mechanical weapon system. He would now help with that task.

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