Raid on the Island of the Dead

Chapter 6

By Dwayne MacInnes

"So you have heard of them," Captain Jennings said. "I take it they are bad news."

Chaplain Brodin nodded as he reseated himself. "You know the stories about Germany and their experiments on humans."

Now it was Captain Jennings turn to nod his head, "I've interviewed survivors. I can tell you they are not stories."

"Well, Unit 731 makes the Nazis look like Boy Scouts," the chaplain continued. "I had several missionary friends in Manchuria when the Japs invaded as well as in Nanking. The acts of the Japanese soldiers themselves were cruel and inhumane.

"However, it is pure unadaltered evil what Unit 731 practiced. The stories will make even your blood run cold." Brodin stopped and waved his hand to forstall any questions Jennings may want to ask. His head slumped down to his chest as he focused on the floor for a couple minutes before resuming his conversation in a low voice. "Captain, if the Japanese sent some support help here from Unit 731 there was something dark and terrible going on here indeed."

Jennings set the journal down on a lab table as he rose from his chair. "Father, I found this in a cabinet." Jennings picked up a film canister and prodeeded to open it. "I haven't watched this yet so I do not know what it contains. Unfortunately, the only writing is in Japanese can you read it?"

Brodin stood up and walked over to the film canister's lid. The chaplin glanced at it and nodded his head. "It simply says 'Log'".

Captain Jennings was busy feeding the film into a nearby projector aimed at a clean white bed sheet pinned to the opposite wall. Jennings stopped in midmotion when he heard the chaplain.

"Log?" Jennings asked. "I don't get it. Like a journal, or like wood?"

Brodin returned to his chair again and looked mournfully at the captain. "Like what the Japanese refer to their Chinese victims."

"I'm going to see what is on this film. I believe it will be pretty gruesome. Maybe you should leave."

Brodin shook his head, "No captain. I don't think you should see this alone."

Brodin turned his chair so that he could see the bed sheet better. Captain Jennings walked over to the wall and flipped off the lights before returning to the projector. With the flip of a switch the machine hummed to life as the black and white images played upon the sheet.

The silent flickering motion picture showed Doctor von Jutt with some Japanese doctors strapping a young nude native woman to a bed. Jennings instantly recognized the room as the one with the porcelain tiles.

The girl struggled fiercely against her captors, however there were too many of them and they easily confined her to the bed. Still fighting against her restraints, von Jutt plunged a syringe into a glass vial. He slowly withdrew the amount of liquid he desired and then pulled out the needle. A slight stream of liquid shot into the air as von Jutt removed the air from the syringe.

Turning his back towards the camera the doctor approached the flailing girl on the bed. Two of the Japanese assistants restrained an arm as von Jutt submerged the needle into the girl. He emptied the contents of the syringe into her bloodstream.

The camera panned up towards a clock showing it was ten minutes after twelve before cutting to black. The film resumed with the camera again showing the clock however this time it was now two-thirty. The cameraman moved the camera down towards von Jutt who motioned towards the native girl.

Even in the black and white film Jennings and Brodin could see that the girl lie motionless in death. Jennings did not get it. How was there anything new in poisoning a girl. The camera zoomed in on the girl as she lay rigid in death and worked its way towards her face.

"Captain Jennings!" Sergeant Reynolds shouted as he burst into the room.

Jennings instinctively shut off the projector and walked towards the wall to turn the lights back on.

"What is it sergeant?" Jennings inquired blinking as the light came to life.

"There is a native approaching the gate," Reynolds said. "Maybe Lieutenant Brodin would like to talk to him."

Brodin stood up blinking as his eyes readjusted to the light. "Indeed I would, mate."

The three men made their way out to the compound. The sun was high in the clear blue sky. Jennings looked at his watch it was one o'clock. He did not realize he had been up so long working on the doctor's journal.

All of the soldiers now lined the wall near the gate curiously peering down upon the native. Jennings, Brodin, and Reynolds soon were beside them also looking down on the newcomer.

Brodin started speaking to the native in a strange tongue. The native only stood there with his mouth agape. Brodin shouted towards the man louder. This time the native moved in a jerking fashion and looked up towards the chaplain with film covered eyes.

"My God, he's in rough shape," Corporal Vanders said. "The man is literally falling apart."

"He must have leprosy," Brodin replied. "Captain Jennings, I need to go out and speak to him personally. He may think we are Nazis."

Jennings gave the order for the men to open the gates wide enough for Brodin to exit. The chaplain quickly squeezed through the narrow opening and approached the native with his arms out and palms up in a gesture of greeting.

Again Brodin spoke to the man in his native tongue. The native shuffled over towards Brodin and reached out his arms. Once he was within range the native grabbed Brodin's arm and pulled him close.

Before the chaplain could react the native raised Brodin's hand to his face and bit down hard into it. The chaplain screamed in pain as his blood covered the native's face.

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