Raid on the Island of the Dead


By Dwayne MacInnes

Sergeant Reynolds was able to pass the material in the satchel over to his superiors. Upon studying the material, the military high command had the sergeant moved to a desk duty for the remainder of the war. Although the sergeant often told his tale of the raid on Na'h Tu Putalaki, the military denied such a raid ever existed and none believed Reynolds.

Nevertheless, the Army awarded the sergeant the Bronze Star Medal for his bravery. Despite this fact, Reynolds soon took to drinking once the war ended. One night in an alley behind a bar in a small Midwestern town, Sergeant Reynolds drank himself to death.

The US military continued their own secret research into the Uber-soldat formula. Of course, it was now given the English name of Super-soldier. For years, the research revealed nothing new. The men who volunteered all shared the results that befell the natives of Na'h Tu Putalaki. They became the reanimated dead unable to comprehend orders with an unquenchable appetite for the living. A simple bite was enough to spread the infection. There was no cure.

Therefore, the military buried its research in a vault. None ever spoke of the vault in public and only a top-secret document revealed the location and details of the vault. So, it sat for decades forgotten.

The island of Na'h Tu Putalaki became forbidden ground. The Army Air Corp warned B-29 pilots with damaged planes to ditch in the ocean and avoid the island at all costs. To disobey was punishable by death. After the end of the war, the army sent another group of soldiers to investigate the island. None ever returned.

The military spread the story that the island was the site of a super anthrax virus test to discourage the curious. Any unfortunate civilians who ever entered the island also never returned.

It was in the year 1946 that the island of Na'h Tu Putalaki became part of the US Pacific Proving Grounds. This was merely an excuse for the US to drop an atomic bomb on it in 1948.

As for the crew of the German U-boat that evacuated from Na'h Tu Putalaki official Nazis records are scant. There was a single message received by the Japanese a day after it left the submarine pen under the fortress. It simple said, "Plague ship, must scuttle."

It was in the 1980's during the final struggle of the Cold War that the military decided to resurrect the Super-soldier formula. A few new experiments were conducted and all met with disastrous results.

The Super-soldier formula, the military felt was too dangerous and they were ready to shelve the entire project. However, in the beginning of the twenty-first century an ambitious, desperate, and not entirely enlightened President ordered the renewal of the Super-soldier project.

This time it was hoped that with the help of ColTech pharmaceuticals that the Super-soldier formula would yield positive results. Under the guise of a treatment for Alzheimer's disease did the research take place.

Unfortunately, a group of animal activists from the University of Washington broke into the ColTech facility in Marysville, Washington. The group of radicals had hoped to free tormented test animals. Instead, the students found transient and homeless people tied to beds.

Appalled at what they witnessed the students quickly went to the task of freeing the human guinea pigs. Unknown to them the victims were all experiments for the Super-soldier formula and were long dead. The newly revived dead wasted no time in attacking their rescuers. A few students were able to escape from the lab, but undead had bitten everyone and in the rush to leave, a fire broke out trapping all inside the complex.

There the story would have ended if it were not for the quick response of the fire department. Again, the living dead attacked the rescuers and before long, the Pacific Northwest became a land of the dead.



Excellent! Nicely done! Who said "prequels" had to suck???

I'm going with George Lucas. If he didn't say it, he sure did prove it.

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  • Dwayne: I'm going with George Lucas. If he didn't say it, read more
  • Doug: Excellent! Nicely done! Who said "prequels" had to suck??? read more

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