The Pink Monkey

Part Two

By Unknown

Transcribed and embellished by
Douglas E. Gogerty

The ancient grandfather clock in the corner struck two.

"My goodness," exclaimed Xavier. "Is it that late? Well, I should get some sleep. Your clothes are surely dry, but you are welcome to stay if you want. I have plenty of room."

"Aren't you worried about letting a stranger stay at your house?" asked Roger.

"I have my own special form of security," replied the old man with a wry smile. "I'm not worried."

With that, the old man retrieved Roger's clothes and gave them to him -- folded and dry. Roger followed the old man as he led him to a spacious room with a bed in the middle.

"You can sleep here," explained the old man. "However, before you leave I would like to show you something."

Roger placed his clothes down on the bed and followed the old man to the end of a corridor. There was an enormous vault door at the end. The old man turned the dial to the left."

"Twenty-four," he said as he stopped and began spinning the dial to the right.

"Twenty-five," he added as he stopped and began spinning the dial to the left.

"Twenty-six," he stated as he stopped and spun the dial back to zero.

He swung open the heavy steel door. "It's my initials," he explained. "X-Y-Z translated into numbers."

Inside was a large quantity of treasures from all around the world. There were pieces of art of all fashions. He had quality paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. He had boxes of jewelry and ornate items made from precious metals. It was a huge collection of valuables, but in the corner stood an enormous pink creature.

"This is my treasure vault," explained the old man. "It contains the most valuable stuff I own. For keeping me company on this lonely stormy night, I would like you to take your pick."

"I couldn't," protested Roger.

"I insist, but whatever you do, don't touch the pink monkey."

The pink creature was not a monkey. It was way too big to be a monkey. It stood nearly 7 feet tall and its shoulders were almost that wide. It was huge and had an ugly grimace on his face with two large canine fangs.

"No I couldn't," replied Roger. "You provided me with a great service -- letting me get out of the rain."

"All right," replied the old man with a sigh of resignation. "If you change your mind, the combination is 24, 25, 26, and then to zero."

The two men went to their respective rooms to get some sleep. Roger climbed under the covers, but his curiosity had a strong grip on him. Why was he forbidden to touch the pink creature? What would happen if he did?

These questions rolled in his mind over and over. He tossed and turned for quite a while. He heard the clock chime 4 o'clock and he just could not take it anymore. He got up. He walked around a little bit. He looked outside and the rain had stopped. He was happy about that, but his thoughts always returned to the pink monkey.

The sun began to rise as the clock struck five as he continued to ponder about the creature in the vault. He could not stand it any longer. He made his way down the corridor to where the vault was. He entered the combination, left 24, right 25, left 26, right to zero. He heard the door click. He pulled the lever and swung the heavy door open.

He looked around at the valuable treasures. He briefly wondered about that special security of which the old man spoke. Those thoughts were quickly washed away by the enormous pink beast in the corner.

Roger walked slowly up to the beast and looked into at its face. Its eyes were closed. The grimace gave it a terrible look. It was an awful looking beast. It was enormous. He was reminded of so many stories with horrible apes in them. But why was he forbidden from touching this one?

He hesitated. He looked around. He reached out, but pulled his hand back. He laughed at himself. What could happen? What would happen? Why was he forbidden from touching this monkey?

He gathered up his courage, reached out his hand, and touched the course pink hair of the creature. Suddenly, its eyes popped open. There was a burning fury in them. The dark eyes rimmed with red. It began breathing heavily.

"Ooo eee ooo aaah," was the sound it made.

Roger was frozen with panic. He stood there for what seemed like hours as the beast slowly came to life. Finally, the pink monkey took a step towards him. This movement caused Roger to regain his composure, and he ran out of the vault. He tried to close the door behind him, but the monster prevented him from closing the door with one enormous hand.

Roger sprinted to his room and quickly changed into his clothes. The monster's "ooo eee ooo aaah" got closer and closer as it made its way down the hall.

When Roger was dressed, the beast was in the doorway. He was trapped. He looked around, and he found that he could open a window. Out he went. He climbed his way to the ground, and ran to his car.

"Ooo eee ooo aaah" he heard as he climbed into his car. With the damp night, his car did not want to start. The "ooo eee ooo aaah" got louder and louder as the car struggled to turn over.

It started up, he put it in gear, and he pulled out. He saw the beast in his rear-view mirror. However it was not getting smaller. It was keeping up with his car. His tires squealed at the curves. He wanted to speed up, but the winding driveway prevented him from going any faster.

Eventually, he reached the end of the driveway, and he heard the "ooo eee ooo aaah" behind him. He pulled out and sped away.

He let out a brief sigh of relief, but he soon was forced to come to a stop. With the heavy rain, a river overflowed its banks. He could not cross, and he certainly could not go back. However, the pink monkey certainly would not have followed him this far. That is when he heard the "ooo eee ooo aaah" faintly in the distance.

Roger got out of his car and started to run. The "ooo eee ooo aaah" got closer and closer. He ran. He ran as fast as he could. He darted between trees. He ran up and down hills. He ran in a serpentine path. However, no matter how much he zigzagged, he heard the "ooo eee ooo aaah" behind him.

He was beginning to tire, but he had to press onward. However, with the flood his options were limited. Eventually, he ran into a dead end. He had run into a bend in the river. He was surrounded by water on three sides. He heard the "ooo eee ooo aaah" coming getting closer. He saw the shadowy figure coming his way.

He was trapped and the "ooo eee ooo aaah" got louder and louder. The "ooo eee ooo aaah" almost right on top of him. Should he jump and try to swim for it he wondered as the "ooo eee ooo aaah" got closer and closer. He was too tired and too frightened to move as the "ooo eee ooo aaah" rang in his ears. Soon the "ooo eee ooo aaah" drowned out the river. It was right on top of him.

Roger resigned himself to his fate. The enormous creature reached out its long arm. It got closer and closer. All Roger could do was sit their and cringe. Closer and closer the monster got. Louder and louder was the "ooo eee ooo aaah" Closer and closer was its enormous hand reaching for him.

Suddenly, the pink monkey touched Roger and said, "You're it!"

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