Just Human

By Dwayne MacInnes

Blegis could not believe his luck. For centuries, his planet of Hurlon has been receiving transmissions from another planet called Earth. The Hurlonion scientists were first astounded that the Earthlings were human like themselves. The odds of such a thing happening were astronomical.

The scientists also were amazed to discover that the Earthlings were eager to find intelligent life on other worlds. However, Hurlon technology lagged far behind the Earthlings. So, until recently the Earthlings had no idea that Hurlonions were receiving their messages. Thanks to Blegis that all changed.

Even though traditional radio and television broadcasts travel at light speed, it would take literally hundreds of years for the signals to travel across space to reach the other planet. Even then, the transmissions lost their strength over distance and time, so special amplifiers had to be used to make the signals intelligible.

The planet of Hurlon spent years studying the Earthling's transmissions. The Hurlonions studied Earth's various languages and vast histories. Even the common Hurlonion could catch special entertainment broadcasted from Earth. Even though the Earthlings were human that did not mean Hurlonions understood Earth humor. Nonetheless, the Earth Channel became the top viewing station.

By sheer luck, Blegis was able to send out a transmission towards Earth and received an answer back in only a few minutes. It appeared that the Earthlings had a star craft somewhere nearby. Another remarkable coincident was the fact that this Earth star ship's crew spoke a dialect known as English. A language Blegis spent years studying.

Blegis hit the record button as he began his transmission. The scientists in the lab crowded around Blegis and his enormous computer and transmitter.

Computer of the Future

"This is Earth vessel Valley Forge. Come again please," the voice on the other end of the receiver said.

"Right on, man!" Blegis responded in his best English. "This is one hep cat Blegis of the planet Hurlon."

"Your English is...uh, remarkable," the voice returned.

"Groovy, you would have to be L7 not know English after studying your Earth broadcasts all these years."

"Glad you are a fan," the voice said. "I am Captain Meredith. We have triangulated your signal and are beginning to home in on it. Request permission to visit your world."

The scientists began to shout in excitement. The Earthlings were coming!

It took Blegis a few moments to calm the scientists down before he could continue his transmission. "That is far out! You must have one wicked rocket to be so close to us. Permission granted."

"We can reach your world in three days," Captain Meredith responded.

"That would be bitchin'. You really know how to burn rubber," Blegis replied.

The conversation went on like this for some time. The scientists on Hurlon learned that they were the first intelligent race the Earthlings have come upon in their space exploration. So, when the Earthlings learned that the Hurlonions were also human they too became extremely excited.

The crew of the Valley Forge and the scientists on the planet Hurlon exchanged some ideas and compared notes. It appeared that the Earth transmissions reaching Hurlon were roughly taking 500 years to travel through space. Unfortunately, the Hurlonions were also 500 years behind the Earth in technology.

Blegis and the scientists on Hurlon were amazed to learn how advanced the Earthlings were. Yet, the Earthlings were willing to share their ideas with Hurlon in a token of good will.

The Earth, the scientists on Hurlon learned, had finally overcome their vast differences. From the years of collaboration and unity scientific advancement in health care greatly improved. For example, the Earthlings discovered a means of recording their memories onto computer databases. Therefore, when an Earthling suffered brain damage due to disease, age, or injury they could have their memories reprogrammed. The Earthlings also discovered that the brain could have damaged areas repaired with cybernetic parts.

Blegis twitched with excitement as his fellow scientists pounded his back in congratulations. Blegis would become the most famous Hurlon for being the first to communicate with the Earthlings.

The Earthlings promised to teach the Hurlonions how to attain space travel, revolutionize food production, the secrets to clean and safe energy, and most astonishingly the secrets to immortality. Blegis had to have the Valley Forge repeat that final transmission. Immortality that was impossible was it not. However, the Earthlings insisted that they not only had it perfected but that due to their brain recordings no one actually ever dies! In fact, the Earthlings found a cure for all ailments.

Once Blegis confirmed this last transmission, the scientists looked around at each other in stunned silence. Then it slowly dawned on them what this all meant and that they only had three days to prepare for the Earthling's arrival.

Flying Saucer

The whole planet buzzed with excitement in anticipation to the Earthlings landing. A great delegation was prepared to meet the Valley Forge once it landed on its preordained site. The Hurlonion leaders gave Blegis the highest honor possible that of being the Hurlonion ambassador to greet the Earthlings on their arrival.

The day of the Earthlings arrival came and millions of Hurlonions crowded around the landing site as billions more watched on the Earth Channel. Blegis fidgeted in a mix of excitement and nervousness. He represented his whole planet, and he feared he would say something stupid like, "Take me to your leader."

At first, the clear blue sky did not reveal anything, and then gradually a small bright dot started to grow larger and larger. It was the Valley Forge! The Hurlonions pointed and cried in excitement at its arrival. The roar of the engines grew until the large saucer shaped ship landed on its designated spot.

Some honor guardsmen rolled out a long red carpet towards the saucer and then Blegis began to walk towards the Valley Forge. Once he neared the ship, a long steel ramp slid out of the saucer towards the ground in front of where Blegis stopped.

Blegis stood there like a statue; he knew the entire world was watching him. He slowed his breathing and tried to calm himself. However, the sweat on his palms and brows started to collect. He wiped his hands upon his pants; it would be poor form to shake with wet hands.

The steel door on the saucer slid open and a figure started to advance down the ramp. In the shade of the Valley Forge, it appeared to be humanoid in shape. However, no features were discernable. As it neared Blegis he noticed that is was actually a robot.

The robot stopped in front of Blegis and put out its metallic hand. Blegis approached and smiled. He grabbed the hand and said, "Take me to your leader."

"Damn," cursed Blegis to himself. However, to his great delight, the crowd broke out in cheers and even the robot gave a slight laugh.

"You must be Blegis," the robot stated. "I am Captain Meredith."

"I thought you cats were human!" Blegis blurted out in surprised.

"We are, or I should say we used to be," Captain Meredith stated. "These are our immortal state. There hasn't been a flesh and blood human on Earth for centuries.

"This is the gift we bring to our brothers and sisters of Hurlon."

"Bummer," Blegis sighed.

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