Term Paper from the Future

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Term Paper: The Rise and Fall of the New Convicts
Class: Ancient History 101
Student: Danu Apu Nagappattinam
ID Number: DAN-2873-883

Part Three - The Failing Attempt to Stay Relevant

In the previous section we found the new convicts losing their influence. At the time, the national economy was in dire straits. Because the new convicts were in power, the general public blamed them for the situation. In an effort to stay relevant and retain power, the new convicts had to take some drastic measures. We will look at their last initiative in this part.

The new convicts felt their sliding popularity which led them to losing the legislative branch of the United States government. They had some time 2 to enact a diabolical scheme to retain influence. They had not finished enacting all of their policies, and they believed that if they were given a chance everything would be fine. As has been stated numerous times, their core beliefs and policies had no basis in reality.

They needed a scheme that would give them a chance. Thus, they had a person infiltrate the opposition. This charismatic individual quickly rose in the ranks. This scheme shifted the blame from off the new convicts and onto a targeted group led this implanted opposition member. After all, they still had their media outlets saying whatever they needed to say.

Thus, when this charismatic leader was elected 2 to the chief executive post, their scapegoat was in position.1 Everything was working out as planned. Even before a single policy was enacted, the new convict controlled media began criticizing every move the opposition made. They were going to ensure that even the slightest misstep on every enacted legislation was going to be shown as a failure. The new convict legislators still in power would fight at every turn. They would attempt 2 to add amendments to derail all opposition policies. They were obstructionists.

The new convict media outlets would harp on every little thing. Since their legistlators all voted in a block, they continually claimed 2 to be left out of the process. They would cry that any talk of bipartisanship was a false campaign promise. Of course, bipartisan legislation would be whatever the new convicts wanted. There could be no compromise.

The media controlled by the new convicts had spent years complaining about various organizations. These organizations helped people get into housing. These organizations assisted poor people obtain governmental representation. These organizations epitomized the position of the opposition. Thus, these groups had 2B to be destroyed.

Therefore, with all of their positions solidified and their scapegoat in office, they began their final solution. This action would give them a permanent majority in the legislative branch. Furthermore, it would certainly give them a boost in chances of retaining the executive branch.

What they needed was a segment of the opposition party to place blame. This segment had to be easily identifiable. It was important to be able to clearly identify this group. Further, this group had to be have some very wealthy members. These wealthy opposition members would forfeit their wealth to pay for the short term needs of the rest of the country. That is, they would pay for new convict policies.

While this group of wealthy opposition members would certainly have its share of popular personalities, they counted on the citizenry 2 to accept the free money from this minority group. The popular athletes and media stars could easily be shown as leeches draining money from average citizens and producing nothing to society. At least, the job to convince the public of this was given to the new convict media outlets.

They had planned to round all of these scapegoats up and fix everything. They had not quite determined what to do with this vast group. However, something cheap and effective would certainly be devised. Perhaps they planned on some mass shower or something. The influx of money taken from this group and the outgoing influence of this group on the opposition would be highly popular with new convicts.

The only snag, this policy had been tried before with disastrous results. The new convicts hoped that no one would put the two policies together, but that was not to be. Their last ditch effort ended in failure and they lost all influence.

However, the ripples of some of their policies shook the civilization to its core. The powers of the executive became so great that many citizens did not notice the change into Imperial rule. They did notice when this new imperialism led to an attempt to take over the remaining countries.

In an all or nothing attempt to gain domination over the entire world, this United States did not end up with it all. Thus, their civilization fell to ruins. There is nothing left of them except fragments from here and there. In fact, there are many who do not believe that they even existed. It was all because of the power and influence of the new convicts.

1. "Barack Obama takes office as Republicans’ scapegoat", The Ancient Pravda Fragments Vol 2, (2000-2100): 47.

* * * * *

Term Paper Professorial Review
for Student: Danu Apu Nagappattinam
ID Number: DAN-2873-883

Grade: F

While Professor MacInnes's theories on this so-called United States of America are interesting from a anthropological standpoint, this is not an anthropology course. Further, there is little evidence that the shallow ocean and rocky islands that lie between Europe and Asia were ever a powerful continent. Nevertheless, tales of the lost continent of North America have no place in my history class. We deal in concrete evidence and well supported historical events in this class.

Also, an entire paper with only one citation is certainly not up to grade. Research in my class means more than a fragment of an ancient tabloid known for UFO stories and stories of the paranormal. If you can find support for your theories, you will need to come up with a great deal more evidence.

Finally, this is a term paper and not a text message to your mates. Be careful to use proper language and stop interspersing your text-messaging shortcuts in your paper.

By the way, I believe "Neo-Con" would be more properly translated into New Conservative rather than New Convicts. While your version does make a bit more sense in this context, some of what the ancients said did not always make sense. How can a conservative believe an anything new? You will have to start over to pass this class.

The End

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