Term Paper from the Future

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Term Paper: The Rise and Fall of the New Convicts
Class: Ancient History 101
Student: Danu Apu Nagappattinam
ID Number: DAN-2873-883

Part Two - The Lasting Legacy

What the new convicts believed was discussed in the first paper. It was pointed out in the first paper that their ideas and policies were not based on anything but ideology. They did not worry about facts or consequences of their policies as long as they matched their ideology. In this section, we will look at the effects of these beliefs, and how they implemented them.

Since the new convicts had vast resources, they used them whenever possible. They had news outlets, televideo, a thing called the interwebs, and even archaic audio-only transmissions. Further, they had these groups of people called think tanks. The sole purpose of these think tanks was 2 to release quotes for use in the media, write contrary commentaries, and put forth the agenda of the new convicts and their positions.

With all of these influential media outlets in place, they would use them for a variety of things. In the beginning, they used a very ingenious tactic. They would use all of their media resources to label the independent media outlets as biased against them. In an effort for fairness, these outlets would garner to their positions. Thus, these fair outlets had to provide a point of view that did not conflict with the unrealistic positions of the new convicts.

Furthermore, because the positions and ideologies were not based on anything factual, the new convicts experts could say anything. Further, no one could contradict them because they would cry bias. It was a loop that caused great damage 2 to the open society that was the United States of America.

To illustrate, the new convicts were very anti-taxes. At every available opportunity they would decry that taxes were hurting the country. Never mind that these taxes paid for services that greatly benefited the people and industries that gave the new convicts their opportunities. The United States government had a huge military that gave all of its citizens tremendous security. The government maintained alliances with other countries that provide a large amount of business opportunities. What the taxes paid for gave these new convicts opportunities throughout the world.

Nevertheless, their anti-tax stance caused the government 2 to borrow huge amounts of money to pay for these services. Even as the amount that the government owed ballooned 2 to unmanageable levels, they would continue to ask for more tax cuts. They would claim that only tax cuts can generate employment. Once again, a position that had no basis in any actual research. Hence, if any legitimate news outlet would claim that this position was untrue, they would claim media bias. Therefore, their policies began to spiral out of control.

At the height of their power, many of the goods and services offered by the various governmental agencies became taken for granted. In this way, the new convicts could push their unsustainable anti-tax policies on an unsuspecting public. The average citizen would not think about all of the services that were provided by their government. They just liked the idea of paying less. Thus, these policies led 2 to a quick fall from power for the new convicts.

At first, they lost the legislative branch. Hence they could no longer enact any legislation that they wished. They played a very obstructionist role 2 to prevent the opposition from destroying all of their in place policies. Also, they continued to have their media influence. Thus, any drastic policy changes would cause outrage from the think tanks and the friendly media outlets. In this way, the opposition party in control of the legislative branch had to temper their legislative actions.

Shortly afterwards, the new convicts lost the executive branch, and they had to use their resources 2 to hold onto the remaining policies. They called for a new spirit of non-partisanship. Of course, what they meant was to continue with their policies. They would cry fowl whenever the opposition would not agree with them. Furthermore, since they would always vote together, they would point out that the opposition party was not reaching out to them whenever legislation would pass.

Since their policies were not based in reality, there were legitimate reasons they lost power. With the vast amount that was borrowed and the lack of any oversight, the economy became very unstable. Even over the short term, their policies caused an enormous economic catastrophe. When their policies did not result in prosperity that was promised, support for the new convicts greatly decreased. They lost support for many of their positions. It appeared that reality had a bias for the opposition party.

They used all of their resources 2 to fight any legislation meant to fix the economic problems the government was facing. They attempted to sabotage all proposed fixes. They hoped that the opposition in power would fail. In fact, there were many from their think tanks and media personalities that openly admitted this. They bluntly stated that they hoped the new executive would fail. Of course, they did not think through what that would entail. It would mean a deepening economic crisis that was almost the worst their country had ever known. With the failure of this new administration, the economic crisis could become the worst. Further, their policies were actually responsible for the situation their country was experiencing.

Nonetheless, the new convicts did not gather their influence and resources for nothing. While they did not base their policies on any research or evidence, many believed that they were still for the best. After all, many of their followers were doing quite well. This wealth and influence was supposed 2 to trickle down to the masses. Of course, greed was preventing this from happening. The wealthy new convicts were into gaining enormous wealth for its own sake.

They maintained their influence as long as they could. They used all of their resources to sabotage all policies contrary to their positions. After all, they continued 2 to have strong influence in the judicial branch. Not to mention, their societal influence through their media outlets and their other resources were free to operate without governmental intervention.

The new convicts would need 2 to use all of their vast resources if they were to maintain any influence at all. Thus, they would have to take drastic action. In a last ditch effort, they gathered to determine their course of action. Their eventual solution was drastic and daring. It would reverberate throughout their society for generations. They used their influence on such a drastic measure. It was an all or nothing proposition. We will look at that in part three.



If I remember my ancient history correct the New Convict that openly stated he wished the opposition would fail was call Rash Limpball.

I don't know. I thought his name was lost to history like the rest of them. (Except for Saint Ron and Libby "The Scooter" Lewis)

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