Term Paper from the Future

By Douglas E. Gogerty

Term Paper: The Rise and Fall of the New Convicts
Class: Ancient History 101
Student: Danu Apu Nagappattinam
ID Number: DAN-2873-883

Part One - The Disconnect with Reality

Who were the new convicts? What did they do? Why would anyone wish 2 to consider them? Were they important? Did they have any major impact? In this first part of this paper, we will explore who they were and what they believed. We will discuss how, after they reached the pinnacle of their power, they ended up being disconnected with the real world, and how this led to their downfall.

The "new convicts" were a political movement in the ancient world. While little is known about the actual members, they did have a major impact on the eventual fall of the super power known as the United States of America. Their rise to power was quick, and they were relevant for less than thirty years. However, their influence shook the foundation of the society, and led 2 to its undoing.

The name new convicts was likely given to them at the height of their power when one of their members was convicted of disclosing the identity of an undercover operative. Thus, Libby "The Scooter" Lewis, gave the label to the entire political movement.

While this political movement may have existed for some time, a charismatic leader eventually led to them holding a very powerful position in the government. He became the chief executive of the United States government. The name of this particular leader has been lost 2 to us. However, from several sources we have a possible name. In these sources he was called Saint Ron.

Saint Ron had several beliefs that his followers would grab onto in the attempt to maintain power. While it is known than Saint Ron suffered from an infirmity of the ancients which caused doublethink in its sufferers, his followers did not allow this to prevent them from following his lead.

Thus, because of his charismatic leadership, his followers build a system completely disconnected with the real world. For instance, Saint Ron spoke of small government, but under his leadership and those of his followers, the government increased its size. This was one of the cornerstones of the new convict movement. Often the leadership would say they were for one thing, but implement the opposite.

Nevertheless, this particular stratagem gave them wide support. Their policies convinced many people that the only thing keeping them down was the government; thus, the masses would support the new convict candidates. Their promises and talk were completely disconnected with the actual implementation. They only stated these things 2 to obtain popular support. However, the actual policies only benefited a limited number of people. Everyone wanted to be one of those few, and thus supported new convict candidates in the belief that they would benefit. Since their movement was built upon a complete disconnection with reality, it would cause their eventual undoing.

In an effort to convince the masses that they were attempting to get the government out of the people's business, they had a policy 2 to cut taxes. Everyone was for paying less. In actuality, these tax cuts benefited the very top echelons the most, but could easily be sold to everyone. While they were decreasing the amount of income, they were simultaneously increasing the size of government. Therefore, the new convicts ran enormous debts. Because of the decrease in revenue, they had nothing to pay for the increase in the size of government.

As U can C you can see, their policies could never lead to a sustainable system. When times were hard and something needed to be done to stimulate the economy, the debts were too large that no money could be found. It was a major economic downturn that resulted in them losing power for good.

To illustrate further this disconnect with reality, there was one small stretch where they did not hold the executive branch in their 30 year reign. An opposition leader was in charge for an eight year stretch. This was the only time in their entire span of influence with solid economic growth.

It is not that they lost all power. They had plenty of members in the legislative branch. Nonetheless these members wasted their time with trivialities. The new convict members of congress spent all of their time attempting 2 to dethrone the opposition leader. Hence, they spent a great deal of time discussing sexual conduct. They did not enact any legislation favoring their position. In this way, they allowed the economy to expand.

Once they regained a position in the pinnacle of their power, they enacted a large number of their policies. Since these policies were not grounded in reality, the consequences were dire. They got involved in several conflicts which further depleted resources, both financially and environmentally.

At the pinnacle of their power, they had control of the legislative branch and the executive branch. Further, they could appoint friendly members to the judicial branch. They could fully enact any of the policies favorable 2 to their point of view.

As I have stated numerous times, one of the major problems with the new convicts was this complete disconnect with reality. Instead of using evidence to support their ideas, they would base their beliefs solely upon the opposite of what the opposition believed. Further, they would use everything at their power in an effort to convince people that what beliefs they held were indeed true. There were new convicts in the media outlets continually expressing the view that what they said was a reality.

For instance, when it was obvious that humans were negatively impacting the climate, the new convicts denied the evidence. They used all of their political might 2 to deny the scientific data. They had several media outlets decrying the falsity of the human influence of global climate change. Hence, with their influence, instead of attempting to rectify this growing problem, they simply went on increasing the negative impact. Instead of accepting the reality of the situation, they denied it and made things worse.

By using the channels of communication to disperse their unreality, they convinced ordinary people that those that used evidence and research to make decisions were the bad guys. They attempted to make educated people out as non-standard. They called them elitists, as if it were an insult. They attempted 2 to build a gap between those that used rigor and experiment to determine reality, and those that simply wanted to be told what was true.

Thus, it is clear that the new convicts did not base their policies in any sort of logical manner. They simply chose a position and did everything in their power to assert that the opposition was at fault for spreading false information. This would even be the case with clear real-life situations.



I like the spin on Neo-cons to new convicts. Nice.

Now you've gone and ruined everything! I was saving that for the teacher's review of the paper... ;-)

I also like how you are doing the edits. Very creative.

Thanks! If it were a term paper, I thought that perhaps there would need to be some corrections. I used the text message shortcut using 2 for 'to.' I would have used the 4 for 'for', but you couldn't tell it was struck out.

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