The God Wars

Chapter Five:

Scouting Mission

By Dwayne MacInnes

Grumman TBF Avenger

Captain Willy Hodgson was flying his TBF Avenger torpedo bomber on another scouting mission. His instructions were to fly as far east as fuel would allow and then head home. If he sighted any land or saw any vessel in the water, he was to alert the convoy as soon as possible.

For the most part the flight had been routine. There was just the blue sky above and the blue ocean below to keep him and his crew company. His crew (the radio operator and rear turret gunner) would occasionally crack a joke. But, for the most part, there was little to report.

Hodgson glanced down at his fuel gauge again. He still had three quarters of a tank of fuel left. There was still plenty of time to fly looking for anything of note to report. The morning sun still crept upward to its zenith. Hodgson did not know what to make of the report Captain Gracen of the Kiska gave. He wondered if it were true that they were on another planet. This did not look like any planet he ever read about in science fiction magazines. The sky was blue, the air breathable, and the ocean looked a lot like the Earth's.

"Captain," the bombardier said over the intercom. "Look down below us."

Hodgson looked at the sea below the plane. At first he did not see what Ericson, his radioman saw. But when he did, he had to do a double-take. There below him swam what looked like a giant sea serpent. Just like one he used to see on the borders of old maps.

"That can't be right," Hodgson said over the intercom.

"I see it too captain," Ericson replied. "That has to be one huge snake."

"You gotta be kidding me!" exclaimed Bobby James the turret gunner as he craned his neck to see the large monster moving in undulating motions through the ocean.

"Ericson, radio this in," Hodgson ordered. "I'm going in for a closer look."

Hodgson winged the Avenger over into a dive. The wind whistled past the canopy and over the wings as the plane dropped on the sea monster. If Hodgson had a bomb or torpedo he would have been tempted to drop it on the sea creature. However, to gain the maximum range from the torpedo bombers the scouts only flew with the .30 and .50 ammunition in their machineguns.

"My Lord, I hope that thing can't breathe fire," Ericson said casually.

Hodgson did not think about it twice. He pulled back the stick to level out the flight. If there were sea monsters, it was also possible that they could breathe fire. He just hoped that he was out of its range.

The sea serpent continued on its way without noticing the combat plane following it. It would dive its head under the sea only to bring it back to the surface several yards further on. The beast's body followed its head in the rhythmic movement.

"Cap, I've sent the message. They don't believe us, but they have it," Ericson broke in over the intercom.

Before Hodgson could reply, he noticed a shape growing larger on the horizon. As the sea serpent and the Avenger approached, the shape grew into an ancient wooden ship.


"Look at that thing. It looks like something from the Iliad," Hodgson said over the intercom.

The wooden ship had a bank of rowers and a large sail on a single mast. On the white sail, there was a design of a double axe head. However, little of this mattered to Hodgson. The sea serpent headed straight for the wooden ship as the crew of the boat tried to change its course.

The unireme would not be fast enough to escape the charge of the monster bearing down on it. Hodgson lowered the Avenger and sighted up the .30 machinegun in the nose on the beast. As he depressed the trigger, the armor piercing bullets ripped into the flesh of the serpent.

The great sea snake halted its charge and lashed out towards the descending aircraft. Hodgson pulled back on the stick and managed to avoid the great jaws of the wounded monster. Ericson and James opened up with their machineguns as the Avenger climbed back into the sky. Ericson's gun was a .30 like Hodgson's, however, James had the .50 and the effects of his armor piercing rounds on the sea serpent were devastating.

The sea serpent writhed in agony as it painted the ocean red with its lifeblood pouring from great ragged holes up and down its long body. Captain Hodgson turned the Avenger back around for a second strafing run. This time he made sure to stay high enough to be out of range of the tortured beast's giant maw.

The second run was even more destructive than the first. The giant sea serpent's head nearly exploded as Hodgson filled it with the steel rounds from the nose machinegun. When he pulled up, it was useless for Ericson and James to add their lethal fire for the great monster all ready lay floating lifelessly upon the ocean's surface. After a few minutes, the dead body slid below the waves.

Hodgson flew the plane low over the boat that was now heading eastward. The crew worked frantically at the oars. A few men looked over their shoulders in wide-eyed fear as the Avenger roared overhead. Nonetheless, Hodgson banked the aircraft and waved at the frightened crew. Just before he flew off towards the east again, he thought he saw one of the men below return his wave.

The old unireme disappeared in the distance behind the Avenger as it flew off. Hodgson was still mentally trying to get a grasp on exactly what all had occurred. He did not dwell long on it as he noticed land stretching out on the horizon before him. What grabbed his attention more than that was the smoke billowing up into the sky from the land.

Hodgson aimed the Avenger towards the smoke on the horizon. In only of a few minutes, he found himself flying over an ancient looking city. There was a natural harbor teaming with uniremes, trading vessels and fishing boats on the western edge. People were crowding the piers to get on one of the boats. A few of the boats were all ready heading out to sea.

On the northeastern side, the city was burning in a blazing infernal. A large breach had been forced into the stone wall and enemy forces were pouring through it torching and killing everything in their way. Outside the thick stone walls in trampled and burning fields raged a violent battle. Hodgson could not make out the combatants too well at his current altitude so he flew the Avenger back over the dust and smoke-choked battlefield at a much lower level.


On one side, the crew on the torpedo bomber could see men in bronze armor and heavy spears with bright points combating what appeared to be giant half-human creatures. The crew had only encountered these figures in mythology textbooks. There were thousands of minotaurs and cyclopes. The humans were having the worse of it. The huge axes and clubs of the gigantic opponents easily brushed aside or snapped the spears of the human defenders. Nonetheless, the humans continued to fight and occasionally would score on one of the mythical foes.

Without a second thought, Hodgson drove his plane into the combat and opened up on the inhuman forces with his nose-mounted machinegun. As he pulled up the guns in the rear of the plane added their weight to the carnage below. The Avenger flew back and forth over the battlefield several times repeating the strafing run leaving hundreds of dead and dying creatures on the field. However, Hodgson had to reluctantly turn the plane back out to sea when the aircraft ran out of ammo. Captain Hodgson and his crew only hoped that they had been able to even the odds that favored the inhuman army.



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